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Active Members Health Plan

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The Kentucky Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits has a partnership with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield as our claims administrator.


This page contains information related to the two Active Member health plans that the Kentucky Conference currently offers. Anthem’s Lumenos High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is for active employees who are under age 65 or otherwise not Medicare eligible. Each participant in this plan also receives a Health Savings Account (HSA) that is administered by Mellon Bank (BenefitWallet). Anthem’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Health Plan is for employees who are active and Medicare eligible (enrolled in Part A or Parts A & B), or non-Medicare eligible dependents of Medicare retired employees.

Clergy who retire and are not yet Medicare eligible may also choose to remain covered under the Active Member health plans until such time as they become Medicare eligible. Coverage will typically continue under the same plan that the member was enrolled in while still active and the retiree will be responsible for contributing 1/2 the premium cost. Once the retiree becomes Medicare eligible, assuming the clergy person meets the eligibility requirements, he or she will transition to the Retired Members Health Plan administered by OneExchange. 


Eligibility: All full-time and part-time clergy (elders, deacons, and local pastors), full-time diaconal ministers and full-time lay employees are eligible to enroll in the Conference Health Plan (2015 Conference Journal p. 376).

  • All full-time clergy serving a local church or as Conference staff are required to participate in the Conference healthcare plan. Churches will be billed the full premium rate by the Conference for each full-time clergyperson.
  • Deacons are not generally eligible to participate in the Conference healthcare plan unless the local church or applicable employer affirmatively adopts the plan as the health coverage offered to deacons.
  • Part-time local pastors and full-time lay employees are eligible to enroll on an optional, voluntary basis. The contribution cost of the plan is paid by the employee (unless the church or participating institution elects to pay all or a portion of the cost).

Active Health Plan Rates

  2017 Rates
Plan Type Employer Contribution Employee Contribution Total Contribution
Employee Only $968 N/A $968
Employee + 1 $968 $283 $1,251
Family $968 $441 $1,409

HSA Employer Contribution Information (Lumenos HDHP only)

For the 2017 plan year, the Kentucky Conference will make an employer contribution of $750 (single plan) or $1,500 (family plan) to each participant’s HSA. This contribution will be fully funded on the first business day of the year. Remember, the employer contribution should be counted towards your annual contribution limit.

Maximum Contribution Limits

Plan Type 2016 2017
Single $3,350 $3,400
Employee + One $6,750 $6,750
Family (more than one dependent) $6,750 $6,750


*If you are 55 or older, you are eligible to contribute an additional $1,000 above the regular limits (called a catch-up contribution).

Anthem Preventive Care Benefits

The Kentucky Conference Active Health Plans cover preventive services - like shots and screening tests - at no cost to you. It is important to remember that these services are only free when delivered by a doctor or other provider in your plan's network.

For a list of preventive services covered by both Anthem plans, click here


Prescription Drug Plan - Anthem Home Delivery Choice (new for 2017!)

For the 2017 plan year, the Kentucky Conference will offer Anthem Home Delivery Choice to members enrolled in both the HDHP and PPO plans. Home Delivery Choice offers members a convenient and safe way to get the medicines they take on a regular basis for a long period of time. It is covered under your health plan at no extra cost. In many cases, members save on drug costs with home delivery since 90-day supplies cost less than 30-day supplies at a retail pharmacy.

Enroll in Home Delivery Choice - Includes information about program and step-by-step guide for enrolling in the program

Prescription Drug List - List of drugs that members are eligible to receive through the Home Delivery Choice program


Anthem Health Plans - ALL PLANS

Anthem Enrollment Form – For new enrollments or to add dependents. DO NOT use this form to make changes to dental or vision benefits. To enroll in or make changes to your existing dental and/or vision plans, please click here.

Anthem Change Form - For making changes to your existing coverage, including removing dependents.


Anthem Lumenos HDHP (Active employees under age 65 or not otherwise Medicare eligible)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage: What the plan covers and what it costs 

2017 HDHP Plan Summary - The plan summary includes deductibles and covered services.

2016 HDHP Plan Summary 

PreventiveRx Plus Plan UPDATED FOR 2017 - List of drugs covered at 100% for members on the HDHP.

Anthem Member Services: 1-888-224-4902


ACS-BNY Mellon (HSA)

HSA Employee Contribution Form – Make regular contributions to your HSA through a payroll deduction

HSA FAQ – Learn more about how your HSA works and what tax forms you need to complete at the end of the year

ACS-BNY Mellon Customer Service: Call 1-866-686-4798 or access your account information online by visiting www.mybenefitwallet.com.

The address for mailing check contributions is:

Benefit Wallet

PO Box 535161

Pittsburgh, PA 15253-5161


Anthem PPO (Medicare eligible active employees and non-Medicare eligible dependents of Medicare Retired employees)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage: What the plan covers and what is costs

2017 PPO Plan Summary - The plan summary includes deductibles and covered services.

2016 PPO Plan Summary

For questions or more information about these plans, contact Celeste Doll (Benefits Administrator) at 502-425-3884 or 1-800-730-7236 (toll free).