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Open Enrollment for 2017 Benefits

October 24, 2016 through November 7, 2016

Open Enrollment is an annual period when you may make changes to your benefits for the following calendar year. Benefits include the health, dental and vision plans. This year, the Open Enrollment period begins Monday, October 24 and ends at 5 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 2016. Outside of Open Enrollment, the only time you can make changes to you coverage under these plans is within 30 days of a qualifying life event (QLE). For more information on QLEs, please refer to the section below.

Optional life insurance and the UMPIP (retirement savings) plans are not part of Open Enrollment and you may enroll or make changes to your coverage or enrollment in these plans at any time.

There are no major changes to the Kentucky Conference benefits plans for 2017. If you are happy with your benefits you don’t need to do anything to keep them – with one exception. If you are currently contributing to a health savings account (HSA) through a pre-tax payroll withholding and want to participate in 2017, you will need to re-enroll. Plan rules do not allow participation to cross calendar years. Unless you make a change during open enrollment, your enrollment in other benefit plans will continue through 2017 as long as you remain eligible.


2017 Open Enrollment Newsletter


2017 Open Enrollment Notices and Disclosures


Five Steps to Take Now


1. Mark your calendar for Open Enrollment October 24 through November 7.
2. Think about next year. Do you need to change your medical, dental or vision plan for 2017?
3. Protect your loved ones. Update your beneficiary designations for your life insurance and retirement plans with Wespath Benefits and Investments. Click here to access the Designation of Beneficiary Form.
4. Take simple steps to save more. Consider contributing to a HSA or beginning/increasing your contribution to the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP). Also find out how the new Home Delivery Choice Rx program can save you money on certain prescriptions.
5. Get the most our of your health care with tools available from HealthAdvocate (HA). HA can help you find the safest hospitals, secure second opinions and provides licensed professional counseling services through its EAP program.

Please contact Celeste Doll if you have any questions.

2016 Appointment Forms

Appointment Form A

Appointment Form B


Qualifying Life Event FAQ

If you experience a Qualifying Life Event (QLE), you may be eligible to make changes to your benefit elections outside of the annual open enrollment period. To learn more about what meets the requirements of a QLE, click here.


Don't forget to download the 2017 HSA Employee Contribution form and turn it in to your employer. This form must be filled out annually in order to maintain or change your HSA contributions. A copy of the form may be found here.


Q: I want to make a change to my employee benefits - what do I do next?

A: If you want to make a change to your current plan elections, you will need to complete the enrollment form for the plan (health, dental or vision) and submit to the Benefits Administrator.

Q: How do I inform my local church treasurer/church administrator about my benefits elections and payroll withholdings for 2017?

A: Once you have finalized your 2017 elections (even if you are not making any changes), you can complete the 2017 Payroll Withholding Summary and return to you church treasurer/administrator. Please keep in mind that completing this form DOES NOT enroll you in any of the health or retirement savings (UMPIP) plans. This form is planning/informational tool to help your employer with your payroll withholdings.


*  Active Employees - CLICK HERE to access information about our health plans and to download enrollment forms.

* Retired Employees - CLICK HERE to access information about our Medicare plans.

For our voluntary dental and vision plans, CLICK HERE.

* For information about pension and retirement plans offered by the United Methodist Church, please visit www.wespath.org or contact Celeste Doll.



Celeste Doll
Benefits Administrator
Kentucky Annual Conference
7400 Floydsburg Road
Crestwood, KY 40014

502-425-3884 (local)
800-530-7236 (toll free)

502-371-1081 (direct fax)