Board of Lay Ministry


The Board of Lay Ministry is committed to the quadrennial theme and challenge of making and growing disciples for the transformation of the world. Therefore, the purposes of the Kentucky Annual Conference Board of Lay Ministry are as follows:

1.     To foster an awareness of the importance of the role and ministry 
      of the laity

2.     To develop and promote stewardship of time, talents, and possessions

3.     To promote, support, encourage, train, and equip all lay members to be
      actively engaged in ministry

4.     To be intentional about training and equipping laity of all ages and all
      ethnic groups to become church leaders

5.     To encourage laity to continually grow in their spiritual journeys
      and development 

District Lay Leaders:

Bluegrass -- Pat and Roxie Bennett                  

Heartland -- Ann Jones

Kentucky East – Frank Haeberlin

Lexington – John Crissman

Northern KY John Denham

Owensboro – Elaine Daugherty

Pennyrile – Mike Kenner

South Central – Linda Sparks

Southeast KY – Fred Hunt


Proposed Summary of Ministry Opportunities 
prepared by The Committee of Assisting UMC Members to Seek Ministry Opportunities of the Board of Lay Ministry


Handbook for Lay Leaders
written by Lewis Nicholls
revised June 2013 by Linda Sparks