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Misson u

Mission u will be July 13 -16, 2017

at Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia KY.




Joined and Held Together: A Children’s Study on Missionary Conferences

By Margaret Snider

This mission study for children dives deep into the wealth of ministry, history, and diversity of the Alaska United Methodist, Oklahoma Indian Missionary, and Red Bird Missionary Conferences. Children learn what it means to be people of faith from interaction with the people who care for them. Through discussions, activities, and games, children will experience the power of connection and mutuality of mission that are vital to our identity as United Methodists.  Our leader for this study is Jan Greiner – new to the Kentucky Conference, and very experienced in all things Mission u.  Jan lives in Florence KY.


In Mission Together: A Youth Study on Missionary Conferences

By Kelly Martini with contributions from Kendra Dunbar

In this mission study, youth will explore the three United Methodist missionary conferences: Alaska United Methodist, Oklahoma Indian Missionary, and Red Bird Missionary Conferences. This study will open the first of many doors into the world of mission for young people participating in the study. Our leader is Matthew Abel from Burkesville KY, currently studying at Lindsey.


2017 Spiritual Growth Study: Living as a Covenant Community

By Evelyn R. McDonald

Covenants are found in the Bible from the moment God created man and woman until the last page of Revelation. The 2017 Spiritual Growth Study examines major covenants throughout the Bible and what they reveal about God’s character and eternal love for us. This study will enhance your understanding of how God works with us, in us, and through us.

As we explore these covenants, we will discover that covenantal living calls us to acts of mercy and justice, not only with those in our community, but with all—regardless of their social, political, financial, or religious standing. Through covenantal living, we are connected to God, others, and the whole creation. Our leaders for this study are Rev Mary Kathryn Pearce, Illinois River DS, and Stephanie Greiner from the Missouri Conference United Methodist Women.


2017 Geographic Study: Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church in the United States

By J. Ann Craig with special contributions by Deborah Bass

The 2017 Geographic Study tells the story of the three missionary conferences of The United Methodist Church: Alaska United Methodist Conference, Red Bird Missionary Conference, and the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. You will learn about the history and how each conference is founded as well as how they add to the richness of the United Methodist connection in the United States. The study explores church history alongside U.S. history in these regions, our ability to both welcome and marginalize those we consider different from ourselves, and the ways in which the church comes together to welcome and support our sisters and brothers through creative and authentic ministry.  Our leaders for this study are Kari Collins, Executive Director of Red Bird Mission; and Josephine Deere , Director of Programs at Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.


In case you missed out, Dr Mark Davies will reprise his leadership for Climate Justice: Call to Hope and Action Edited by Pat Watkins.