Lay Speaking Ministries: Advanced Courses & Basic Class

Lay Speakers Lead Prayer
This advanced course focuses on the ministry of the lay speaker who either occasionally or regularly leads congregations, organizations, classses, or groups in prayer.

Lay Speakers Lead Bible Study
This advanced course is designed to help lay speakers become versed in how to teach and lead Bible study.

Lay Speakers Grow Spiritually Through Daily Discipline
Participants are guided in discerning God’s direction for their lives, practicing daily disciplines, and reaching out in love.

Lay Speakers Cultivate Christian Community
Lay speakers will discover what it means to live as Christian disciples in the groups they lead and to work with others to help them grow and nurture caring connections and relationships that reflect the love of Christ.

Lay Speakers Lead Small Groups This class helps lay speakers identify the roles they play as leaders of small groups and helps them understand the power their leadership can have in transforming Christian lives.

Lay Speakers Lead in Evangelism Participants learn how to share their faith by telling and doing. This advanced course helps lay speakers see themselves as Christians with a vital faith to share with others.

Lay Speakers Lead in Stewardship This advanced course helps participants develop a holistic understanding of stewardship. Lay speakers examine their own gifts and learn ways to assist others in identifying theirs.

Lay Speakers Lead in Worship For lay speakers who occasionally or regularly lead congregations, organizations, classes, or groups in worship. They will better understand corporate worship, learn how to plan worship, and develop practical skills.

Lay Speakers Are Accountable Disciples
Lay Speakers Are Accountable Disciples focuses on the concept of the household of God, the importance of Scripture as divine revelation, Wesleyan understandings of grace, and the importance of the office of class leader in the development of the Methodist movement. Participants are encouraged to look at their own faith community and see how it is (or is not) a reflection of genuine Christian community.

Lay Speakers Lead in Mission Outreach
A church’s mission — to make disciples of Jesus Christ — is its key reason for being. This advanced course helps lay speakers understand the role of mission outreach in relationship to the vision and ministry of the church.

Lay Speakers Are Servant Leaders
In this advanced course, Hawkins addresses the formation of principles and models of servant leadership, and their practical application in the decision-making contexts of local congregations. The purpose of the course is: (1) To develop an understanding of servant leadership and the types of power that occur between leaders and followers; (2) To acquire the tools and skills necessary for servant leadership; (3) To increase one’s capacity to deal with differences and to handle the conflict that is inevitable when people collaborate.

Lay Speakers Create Disciple-Making Faith Communities
The goal of this course is to provide church leaders with key tools and principles that can be used to create disciple-making faith communities. Lay speakers will learn about discipleship systems, the term faith community, and how the theory of displacement affects their congregations, as well as considering the realities of call and leadership, 21st-century structures for ministry, and new opportunities for ministry.

Lay Speakers Discover Spiritual Gifts
Lay Speakers Discover Spiritual Gifts focuses on acquiring a better understanding of the church and its ministry needs; learning what it means to be a minister; doing the work of Christ in the church and in the world; and being more fully equipped to lead others in exploring and using their spiritual gifts.

Lay Speakers Tell Stories Lay speakers will learn what makes a good story, discover their own style as a storyteller, study the techniques of effective storytelling, and practice creating stories from their own experience.

Lay Speakers Interpret to Others Our United Methodist Heritage
Helps participants gain an understanding of the distinctive traditions and emphases of The United Methodist Church.

Lay Speaking Ministry - Basic Course
The Lay Speaking Ministries Basic Course focuses on the many ways lay speakers are called to be in ministry through such things as preaching, leading, teaching, serving, proclaiming the gospel, disciple-making, storytelling, and growing through personal spiritual formation. The book introduces the stated purposes of Lay Speaking Ministries as caring, leading, and communicating. Completion of the Basic Course is required for Lay Speaker certification.

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