Walking Toward Wellness

The Virgin Pulse walking program is free for active full-time clergy and lay Conference staff covered by the Kentucky Conference health insurance plan and their spouses (whether covered by Conference health plan or not). The program makes getting active a fun part of your life and keeps you motivated with personal challenges.


January 1, 2016 begins a new year and an updated Virgin Pulse walking program. The new program – Levels – is even easier to use. Earn incentives as you reach new levels; the more steps you take the more rewards you will bank.


Here is how Levels works: Each quarter everyone starts at Level 1 (of 5) and earns rewards as they reach new levels – up to $80 per quarter (that’s $320 annually).

You don’t need to change a thing – just continue wearing you Max or compatible activity tracking device, and rack up HealthMiles to achieve the next level. Even if things come up (as we know they do) and you can’t meet the full goal each quarter, you can still earn a portion of the reward for your efforts.


Check out new ways to earn and boost your points:


  • Log in and earn 10 HealthMiles (points) – 2 x per week
  • Self-Entry Tracking Challenfes are now worth 50 HealthMiles (points) – 2 x per month
  • Log an exercise in your activity journal and earn 10 HealthMiles (points) – 2 x per day


Your new accounts details will be live on the site beginning January 1, 2016. Any incentives that you have already earned will still be available as well.


Sign up at join.virginpulse.com/kcwellness