2020 HealthFlex Exchange

About HealthFlex Exchange

The mission of the Conference Board of Pensions has always been clear: to serve those who serve in the Kentucky Conference. To that end, in January 2020 we began a partnership with Wespath and their HealthFlex Exchange to provide health benefits to our clergy and others who participate in the active Conference Health Plan. See below for important resources for local churches and clergy related to the 2020 HealthFlex Exchange.


General HealthFlex Information and Videos: A hub for general information related to HealthFlex Exchange

Monthly Rates by Tier (2020): A breakdown of the total plan cost, the premium credit, and the participant’s share in each plan offered.

How Do I Choose My Plan? (2020): A simple guide to the various plans offered.

HealthFlex Plan Comparisons (2020): A more robust description of benefits and coverage for the various plans offered.

Accessing your Benefits (2020): A guide to the tools and resources you will need to most fully utilize your benefits.

Well-Being Program

Included in all six medical plans is a robust well-being program. This program includes Virgin Pulse, health coaching, and employee assistance program (EAP), an incentive program, and more.

When can I make changes?

Generally a participant can only make changes during the Annual Election Period which happens each fall. Changes made during Annual Election will go into effect January 1 of the following year.

However, a covered Participant in HealthFlex who experiences certain changes in his or her family’s status might be permitted to make limited changes in his or her HealthFlex elections for the current Plan Year. HealthFlex is administered as a cafeteria plan under the rules and regulations of §125 of the Code. Because HealthFlex is a cafeteria plan, circumstances in which a Participant can make a change to his or her elections outside of the Open Enrollment Period and Annual Election Period under the Plan are limited to those Change of Status Events described in §125 of the Code that the Plan has incorporated in its election change rules. These Changes of Status Events include:

  • Marital status changes (e.g., marriage, divorce, legal separation).
  • Changes in the number of dependents (e.g., an increase through birth or adoption, or a decrease through death).
  • A dependent ceases to qualify as a dependent under the Plan, i.e., becomes ineligible, or regains eligibility (e.g., reaches a limiting age).
  • Change in employment status of a Participant or Dependent that affects eligibility for the underlying benefit plan (e.g., changing from full-time to part-time employment, commencement of or return from an unpaid leave of absence).
  • HIPAA Special Enrollment events.
  • Change in residence that affects eligibility (e.g., moving out of the coverage area for a managed care option).

Contact the Kentucky Conference Benefits Office for questions about Change of Status and Special Enrollment Events.

If you have experienced a Change of Status Event, please complete a new HealthFlex Enrollment Form and return it to the Benefits Office at lwilliams@kyumc.org. All changes must be submitted within 31 days of the event.

Please note: Appointment changes within a conference, other than appointment to non-salaried statuses, and compensation changes alone are not considered Change of Status Events.

Any changes in elections based upon a Change of Status Event must be on account of and consistent with such Change in Status. For example, when a Participant acquires a new Dependent, the election change for that Change of Status Event would be to add coverage for that Dependent, not to drop coverage for other Dependents.


The conference health plan is mandatory for all full-time clergy appointed to local churches. Eligibility guidelines for employee benefits can be found in the Board of Pensions & Health Benefits Report in the Conference Journal.