AC 2023 Pre-Conference Reports Information

June 4-7, 2023


Annual Conference will be Sunday, June 4th – Wednesday, June 7th in person.    Updated information will be available at as Annual Conference draws near.


Please help us tell the story of your ministry by sending us your report for the Pre-Conference Report Book. According to the Standing Rules of the Kentucky Annual Conference, all reports to be included in the Pre-Conference Report Book for 2023 shall be in the Kentucky Conference office by March 15, 2023. This includes reports for 2022 (since the last Pre-Conference Report book) and any proposals for 2023-2024. 

Reports are to be ONE Page unless they contain policies or action items that require approval.  Please divide the report into three sections:

1)     Ministry name, contact person and contact information including an email address, and purpose of the ministry 

2)     Glory sightings and any information concerning the ministry in the past year. Goals that require no action for the coming year can also be included. 

3)     Action items for the Conference to consider for the coming year. Action items include events planned in the Conference name, resources needed from the Conference, etc. If you do not have any action items, please add “for information only” at the end of your report.

Please follow the format that is on this sample. It has been formatted with selected specifications for the margins, font and layout. 

Cindy Young is the editor of the Pre-Conference Report Book.  Please email your report as an attachment in Word to her at You should receive a confirmation email from Cindy. If you do not receive a confirmation email within five days, please resubmit your report.

As a reminder, most reports will go directly to the consent calendar.

         Rule 10. Legislative Process. To expedite the business of the Annual Conference session, the Primary Task Executive Team, in conjunction with the Conference Secretary, will present in the pre-conference report book a list of reports and items known as the consent calendar. The consent calendar shall be presented during the organizational session and items on the consent calendar shall be considered as adopted by consent of the Annual Conference session, unless they are removed at this time. Individual items may be removed from the consent calendar to be placed on the regular agenda by a motion to remove supported by a second from two voting members of the Annual Conference. When an item has been removed from the consent calendar, it shall be placed on the regular agenda at an appropriate time as determined by the Conference Secretary.

Reports not received by March 15th should be submitted electronically as soon as it is available. Late reports will be posted on our website.

If you, or someone else, plans to pull your report off the consent calendar, please notify the AC planning team. Due to very limited time on the agenda, we can better plan if we know of these possibilities ahead of time. Contact Darren Brandon at 


They will be available online by April 15th.


Time is limited on the floor of Annual Conference for reports; therefore, your ministry area is encouraged to think of other creative ways to share with the Conference.  

Floor time request for your team/ministry should be sent to Darren Brandon at no later than March 15th. 

Requests for videos to be shown at Annual Conference, must be made by March 15th.  Any AV (videos, slides, etc.) for floor reports must be submitted no later than April 25th. Please send both video request and AV to Cathy Bruce 


If you are a conference institution, please submit your board nominations by April 1st to William Moore at 

In order for the nominating committee to make sure institutions are in compliance with the Book of Discipline ¶2551, please submit your entire voting board with United Methodist members clearly marked with an * next to their names. Classes for the next three years (2023, 2024, 2025) should be clearly identified.  We realize that the April deadline is not possible for some institutions. Please be in touch with William Moore at if this is true for the ministry you serve.


                                Request for Floor Reports Due. Send to

                                Request for Video to Cathy Bruce. Send to

  • April 1            Nominations Due. Send to
  • April 15          Pre-Conference Reports available online
  • April 25          AV for Floor Reports/Breaks Due. Send to
  • June 5-7        Annual Conference