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AC 2016 Pre-Conference Book

PRECONFERENCE REPORT BOOK: At the 2011 Annual Conference a new Standing Rule was adopted which states: The Director of Connectional Ministries must post the pre-Conference reports online no later than thirty (30) days prior to start of Annual Conference. While a number of years back it was standard procedure to mail the book to all members, it will NOT be printed and mailed to members this year; therefore, please see below for instructions on accessing the reports.

Pre-Conference Reports Book Correction

It has come to our attention that we have a duplicate report in the 2016 Pre-Conference Reports Book that was first posted online and with Mimeo.  The Loucon Training & Retreat Center report by Warren Hopper on page 96 contained the same information in the body of the text as the Kavanaugh Conference & Retreat Center report.  This duplication has now been corrected and if you order your book from Mimeo or download the PDF from our site after April 19, 2016, then you will have the correct Loucon Training & Retreat Center report.  A copy of the Loucon Training & Retreat Center report will also be included in your packet received at registration.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


You can get your preconference report book in the following ways:
1. Download from our website and save on your electronic device (ipad, computer, etc).
2. Download from our website and print a copy.
3. Order a paper copy at: www.kyumc.org/ac2016preconferencebook
The price per book with an additional shipping charge according to your preferred shipping method (overnight, regular USPS, etc.) will be $9.71.
4. For persons without internet access, you can order a copy through the conference office. The price is $25 per copy (which includes basic shipping). Please make checks payable to Kentucky Conference Treasurer and mail by May 8 to:

The Kentucky Annual Conference
Attn: Linda Thomas
7400 Floydsburg Road
Crestwood, KY 40014

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