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AC 2018 Petition

This petition was received last week and a copy will be in the registration packets at Annual Conference.  The Petitions & Resolutions Committee will present it for discussion during one of the plenary sessions. 


Petition to Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church


Members of Goddard and Shiloh United Methodist Churches

Located in Fleming County Kentucky

Northern Kentucky District




Whereas:         Most of the present language in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, calling the self- avowed  practice of homosexuality is incompatible to Christian teaching, began in the Kentucky Annual Conference, and


Whereas:         The prohibition of this practice is supported by the Holy Scriptures, and the Wesleyan teaching of holiness both spiritually and socially, and


Whereas:         The Commission on a Way Forward formed by the Council of Bishops set forth three sketches to be presented to the Council of Bishops, and


Whereas:         The Council of Bishops having met to consider the report of the Commission on a Way Forward voted to recommend The One Church Plan to the Special Session of the General Conference in February 2019, but will also present the Traditionalist Plan and The Connectional Plan, and


Whereas:         The Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to love persons with unconditional love that leads to repentance of our sins and receive God’s grace and forgiveness due to the transforming power of God, and not offer “cheap grace”, as described by Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book, The Cost of Discipleship, and 


Whereas:         The Traditionalist Plan fulfills the calling in the United Methodist Church to that message of holiness, and hope for a lost world, and


Whereas:         The members of Goddard and Shiloh United Methodist Churches in Fleming County KY strongly support the Traditionalist Plan


Therefore Let It Be Resolved:           That the Kentucky Annual Conference instruct the Kentucky Delegation to the Special Called Session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church to vote for the Traditionalist Plan. 


Download the petition as a printable PDF.