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AC 2018 Preconference Report Book

PRECONFERENCE REPORT BOOK: At the 2011 Annual Conference a new Standing Rule was adopted which states: The Director of Connectional Ministries must post the pre-Conference reports online no later than thirty (30) days prior to start of Annual Conference. While a number of years back it was standard procedure to mail the book to all members, it will NOT be printed and mailed to members this year; therefore, please see below for instructions on accessing the reports.


You can get your preconference report book in the following ways:

1. Download from our website and save on your electronic device (ipad, computer, etc).

2. Download from our website and print a copy.

3. Order a paper copy at: www.kyumc.org/ac2018preconferencebook

The price per book with an additional shipping charge according to your preferred shipping method (overnight, regular USPS, etc.) will be $12.94.

4. For persons without internet access, you can order a copy through the conference office. The price is $25 per copy (which includes basic shipping). Please make checks payable to Kentucky Conference Treasurer and mail by May 15th to:
Kentucky Annual Conference
7400 Floydsburg Rd.
Crestwood, KY 40014

The following reports will be available in Spanish for download from our website as soon as they are available:

2019 Proposed Budget with updated 2018 numbers (Spreadsheet)
2018 Revised Budget and 2019 Budget Summary
2018 BOP Report 3.16.18
2018 CFA Report
Good Samaritan Transition Task Force Report to the 2018 Kentucky Annual Conference final