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AC 2019 Agenda

Kentucky Annual Conference

June 10 - 12, 2019 

Northern Kentucky Convention Center
One West RiverCenter Blvd.
Covington, KY 41011



(All events are at the Convention Center unless otherwise noted and all times listed are Eastern Time.)


WORSHIP:  During this quadrennium, our Conference gatherings have celebrated the movements of the liturgical year through our acts of worship.  As we continue to See the Possibilities, the liturgical focus for the 2019 Annual Conference will be viewed through the lens of Lent and Easter; entering into a space of Holy Imagination.  Within this liturgical theme, we acknowledge that only a holy and loving God could imagine the fullness of grace displayed through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.  In cooperation with the Holy Spirit, through individual and corporate prayer, let us prepare our hearts so that worship defines and permeates every aspect of our time together.  You are invited to draw near to think upon, wonder at, and wrestle with the unfathomable grace of God in and through Jesus Christ.  As we acknowledge death and celebrate resurrection, may the Holy Spirit work within us to accomplish abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine.  (Ephesians 3:20 NRSV)


   Sunday, June 9

      5:00 - 8:00 pm

Registration Begins (Exhibit Hall II)
Church Beyond...An Afternoon of Service & Learning Check-in
(2nd Floor, Hall)

                6:30 pm Young Adult Gathering - Clergy and Laity
(OFF SITE - Vine & Branches, NKU Wesley Foundation)



   Monday, June 10

               8:00 am       


Registration Continues (Exhibit Hall II)

Church Beyond...An Afternoon of Service & Learning Check-in
(2nd Floor, Hall)

Ordination Rehearsal (Hall 1) 


               9:15 am       

Opening Worship - Ash Wednesday with Imposition of Ashes  (Hall 1)
     Bishop Leonard Fairley. preaching

             11:00 am

Clergy Executive Session (2nd Floor, Ballroom) (Doors Close at 11am)

             11:00 am       

Laity Session (Hall 1)

             12:00 pm

Lunch Break 
     (Board of Lay Ministries Lunch - 2nd Floor)

     (Candler Club Lunch - OFF SITE Blinkers Tavern)

               2:00 pm

Organizational Session/Worshipful Work/Plenary (Hall 1)

               5:00 pm       

Dinner Break

               7:00 pm

Ordination & Commissioning Service - Palm Sunday (Hall 1)
     Bishop Paul Leeland , preaching



   Tuesday, June 11

                 7:00 am       

Extension Ministries Breakfast (2nd Floor)

                 8:00 am  

Preachers Aid Society  (2nd Floor)


                 8:00 am  

Learning Time with Dr. Tod Bolsinger (Hall 1)

                 9:00 am

Worshipful Work/Plenary/Ministry Stories (Hall 1)
Begin Balloting for Delegates to General & SEJ Conferences 2020
(will continue into sessions as needed)
Sending Forth/Prepare for Church Beyond...An Afternoon of Service & Learning

               10:45 am

Retirement Service - Maunday Thursday, Servanthood (Hall 1)

               12:00 pm

Lunch Break
     Retired Clergy Lunch (2nd Floor, Ballroom C)
 Ethnic Local Church Concerns (ELCC) Lunch (2nd Floor)
     EO Tours Lunch (2nd Floor, Rooms 9 & 10)
     Order of Deacon’s Lunch (2nd Floor)


                 2:00 pm

Church Beyond...An Afternoon of Service & Learning
(including workshops with Tod Bolsinger (Worship) and The Fosners (NCD)

                 5:00 pm

Dinner Break
     Youth & Young Adult Dinner with Bishop Fairley

                 7:00 pm Mission Celebration:  A Table of Generosity - Final Discourse/Holy communion (Hall 1)
     Mission Offering received
                 8:30 pm

Tod Bolsinger Meet with Young Clergy (ages 35 and younger)




Wednesday, June 12

                7:00 am

COSROW Breakfast (2nd Floor)

                8:30 am

Morning Gathering Music (Hall 1)

                8:45 am Worshipful Work/Plenary/Ministry Stories (Hall 1)
              11:00 am Memorial Service - Good Friday (Hall 1)
     Rev. Tami Coleman, preaching
              12:00 pm

Lunch Break
      New Church Development (NCD) Lunch (2nd Floor, Ballroom C)

                2:00 pm Worshipful Work/Plenary/Ministry Stories (Hall 1)
                4:00 pm

Service of Sending Forth - Easter & Remembering Your Baptism (Hall 1)





Note:  Additional Pre-Conference events & special meals may be added