AC 2023 Display Area

June 4-7, 2023

Owensboro Convention Center
501 West 2nd Street
Owensboro, KY 42301







Please indicate special needs on the registration form including:

  • Placement of display (near other similar groups, etc.)
  • Any other special needs.
  • Please let us know if you have displays that will reach over 5 feet (from floor up), as we will try to place these near a wall so they don't block the view of other displays.
  • Deadline for requesting display space is May 1, 2023 or until all space is reserved.
  • Displays may be set up beginning the morning of Monday, June 5 at 7am and need to be removed no later than 5:30pm on Wednesday, June 7 
  • Please remove all items from your area when you remove your display, if there is an excess of materials left we have to pay the convention center for extra cleanup in the room. So please help us be good stewards of our resources by either taking items (including brochures, paper, etc) with you or placing them in the trash. If trash is left we will bill appropriate display groups for clean-up costs 


If you plan on reserving a space, please compete the online registration form.  If you have any questions about display space or our display policy please contact:
Jessica Wells at



Display Policy Kentucky Annual Conference

Because displays rapidly outgrow the available space in the various venues where the Annual Conference meets and because of the increasing number of requests from groups not directly related to Conference programs and institutions, the Kentucky Conference Program Committee formulated the following policy. Only official conference programs, agencies and leaders, and official Jurisdictional and General Church agencies and designated affiliate groups will be given display space at the Kentucky Annual Conference. Items may only be sold when the proceeds benefit the institutions within whose display they are located.


  1. Kentucky Annual Conference Ministries and Institutions
  2. Special vendors invited by the Program and Arrangements Committee related to the theme and emphasis for that year
  3. General Church and SEJ Institutions
  4. University Approved Seminaries 

This policy will be included in conference publications (NetConnect, website, etc.) and letters will be mailed to groups that had a display previously. If the venue has limited display space then groups will be given the opportunity to reserve tables based on the above priorities and tables will be given based on the date the registration request was received. The Executive Team of the Annual Conference Committee on Program and Arrangements reserves the right to remove any displays that it deems inappropriate.

Amended and affirmed by Executive Team of the Annual Conference Committee on Program and Arrangements February 10, 2023.


 Each year we have a number of ministries and organizations that have booth space at our annual conference. These are suggestions to help ministries to get most of their display experience. The suggestions are not in order of importance.


If your booth is staffed, it is more inviting than an empty booth. People staffing the booth should be knowledgeable about your ministry/organization.


Signage should include organization's name on the front of your table or sign stand. If your name is an acronym, please have something that spells out what the acronym stands for.


If you cannot afford to have a professionally designed booth, try to keep your display clean and simple. Do not put too much type/copy on the display;  that is what your brochures and handouts are for. The purpose of your display is to attract visitors to your booth to engage them in a conversation.  One to three large photos with a pleasing headline is ideal; multiple photos and copy start to get cluttered and are hard to read from a distance.

Booths should not only attract but inform as well:

Once visitors are at your booth you only have a matter of minutes (probably seconds) to tell them what you want them to know. Informing the visitors can take many appearances; you can use printed materials, videos, product giveaways that have your message on them, or conversing with your visitors.


Having personalized promotional products to give away at your booth is always something that can help bring people to your booth and help with branding your organization/ministry.

Interactive Displays:

The best booths are ones that somehow engage the visitor. Having your visitors become active participants will give you the added benefit of your visitors likely remembering your booth and perhaps becoming advocates for your ministry.


Think small - don't put oversized pieces of furniture in your booth. Also don't put too many pieces of furniture in your booth. Even though huge leather sofas are the most comfortable things in the world, do not put one in your booth. They are expensive and they will take up too much space in your booth. Choose a few chairs if you would like to offer people a place to sit and talk with you.

Clear Contact Information:

Business cards with your organization/ministry name, website, e-mail address, and phone number will give people something to remind them how to get in touch with you. You may also want to have a sign-up sheet for people who are interested in receiving information from you in the future.


It does matter if you have small booth:  by creating a balanced background, with the furniture and the display material placed in different locations of your booth, instead of concentrating it into one place, you can achieve a sense of balance and comfort. Your visitors will feel welcomed into your booth if it is free from clutter and appealing to the eye.


Lights are a great way to stand out in the crowd. Your display will look brighter and you message and your agency/ministry's sign can be better viewed from a distance.


To request Display Space we ask that you follow the link below to fill out the online registration form.