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Open Enrollment for 2018 Benefits

Open enrollment for 2018 benefits begins on October 1 and ends on October 28, 2017. Additional information is available in the Open Enrollment Newsletter and online


Watch a video that explains Open Enrollment.


***Retirees who are enrolled in a plan through OneExchange go here for information.***


It is extremely important that you make your benefits elections during the open enrollment period. Not enrolling in benefits during the open enrollment period can result in serious consequences for you as an employee, including loss of coverage or the inability to change coverage options. The Board of Pensions and Health Benefits (plan sponsor) is not required to make exceptions for employees who do not make benefits elections within the open enrollment period.

The only exception to these terms is if an employee qualifies for a special enrollment period (SEP). Employees who experience qualifying life events (such as getting married, divorced or legally separated, having or adopting a child, or moving to a new residence or work location that affects benefits eligibility) are eligible to enroll in or make changes to their benefits elections outside of the open enrollment period. 

  • This year's open enrollment will be "Active". Each member will be required to actively select and enroll in their benefits for the 2018 plan year.
    • Open enrollment will be paperless. Participants will make their enrollment selections for Medical, HSA, Dental and Vision plans through the open enrollment website. Log in instructions are included on page four of the Open Enrollment Newsletter. Members will not be able to log in until the first day of Open Enrollment - October 1.
  • Changes to the active health plan include:
    • Replacing the "Employee+One" tier with "Employee+Spouse" and "Employee+Child(ren)" tiers of coverage; and
    • The addition of the new Silver HDHP. Beginning in 2018, participants will have the option to choose coverage in either the Silver plan or "buy-up" to the Gold plan. 
    • The PPO plan will be eliminated in 2018. Members currently enrolled in this plan will be presented with the option to enroll in the Gold HDHP.
  • Long term care insurance will be offered as a new voluntary benefit in 2018. A presentation on benefits and options will be made at each OE meeting.

2017-18 Appointment Forms

Appointment Form A

Appointment Form B


HC3 (Healthy Clergy, Healthy Congregations, Healthy Communities)

Take a look at this video about HC3 from AC 2017!

Qualifying Life Event FAQ

If you experience a Qualifying Life Event (QLE), you may be eligible to make changes to your benefit elections outside of the annual open enrollment period. To learn more about what meets the requirements of a QLE, click here.

If you do meet the requirements of a QLE, you will need to complete the enrollment form for the plan (health, dental and/or vision) and submit to the Benefits Administrator. In addition to the enrollment form, you must also submit appropriate corresponding documentation of the QLE (marriage license, divorce decree, birth certificate, proof of other coverage, etc).


To make pretax contributions to your HSA in 2018, you will select your contribution through the online Open Enrollment website. Remember, you can make a change to your HSA contribution at any time during the year by completing an HSA Employee Contribution Form and submitting to the Conference Benefits Administrator.

Q: How do I inform my local church treasurer/church administrator about my benefits elections and payroll withholdings for 2018?

A: Once you have finalized your 2018 elections (even if you are not making any changes), you can complete the 2018 Payroll Withholding Summary and return to your church treasurer/administrator. Please keep in mind that completing this form DOES NOT enroll you in any of the health or retirement savings (UMPIP) plans. This form is a planning/informational tool to help your employer with your payroll withholdings.


*  Active Employees - CLICK HERE to access information about our health plans and to download enrollment forms.

* Retired Employees - CLICK HERE to access information about our Medicare plans.

For our voluntary dental and vision plans, CLICK HERE.

* For information about pension and retirement plans offered by the United Methodist Church, please visit www.wespath.org or contact Celeste Doll.



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