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Advent Week 3, Monday


Reflections by Linda Gayheart, Prestonsburg District Lay Leader

Yes, there is a gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes it takes a child to remind us of some of the important things, such as this and also the meaning of being a cheerful giver.

Last Christmas, we made a donation to Heifer International in honor of each of our granddaughters and some great nieces and nephews. I notified each one that we were going to do this and told them how much we were giving and asked them to go to the website and select the animal they wanted for the amount of money we were giving. Gus, who was six years old at the time, somehow convinced his little sister Amelia to pool their money so they could get a bigger animal. He wanted a pig; after reading about all of the animals, he felt that this would be the one that would help a family the most. When his mom explained that he did not have enough money for a pig, he went upstairs and emptied his piggy bank and told his mom he would give his money also. Still a little short to get a pig, his mom agreed to join us in this venture. So, thanks to Gus and his determination, we were able to give a pig.

As we know from 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, God loves a cheerful giver. Gus can teach us a lot about giving. Gus did not want to just give something; he wanted to give what he thought was best, even if it meant that it would cost him something.

May you be richly blessed as you bless others with your best!

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