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Charge Conference Forms (PDFs)

Charge Conference Forms are now available to download.

This page contains only the PDF versions of the charge conference forms. If you prefer to work on the forms in Microsoft WORD, see sidebar at right. For best results view in print layout.  If you are having trouble with the information going off the page when you print go to PRINT> and scale to letter size on your printer settings.

2016 Charge Conference Forms (PDFs)

2016 Accessibility Mini-Audit
2016 Annual Report Appointment to an Extension Ministry
2016 Annual Report Diaconal Minister
2016 Appointment of Deacon in Full Connection and Probationary Members in the Deacon Track
2016 Congregation Assessment Report
2016 Lay Servant Annual Report
2016 Minutes of Charge Conference (This form is required) 
2016 Parsonage Survey (This form is required from SPRC/Trustees)
2016 Recommendations for Lay Servant 
2016 Retired Clergy Annual Report
2017 Clergy Compensation INSTRUCTIONS
2017 Clergy Compensation Report (This form is required for all clergy)
2017 Our Mission Covenant Charge Conference Form (This form is required) 
Fund Balance Report (This form is required)


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