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Children & Youth Development Coordinator

April 09, 2019

The Nathaniel Mission in Lexington, KY is seeking qualified applicants for the anticipated vacancy of our Children and Youth Development Coordinator position. The job description below outlines the key elements of this essential staff position responsible for the oversight of our vibrant ministries to children and families in the underserved communities along the Versailles Road Corridor in urban Lexington. Interested applicants should send their cover letter, resume, and three references to Rev. Dan Baer, Executive Director of The Nathaniel Mission, at dbaer@nathanielmission.com. The post will be available until filled, but all applicants are encouraged to apply before May 1st. For more information, please contact The Nathaniel Mission at the above email address.

THE NATHANIEL MISSION CHILDREN AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To collaborate in establishing the Nathaniel Mission as a vibrant and vital outpost of the Kingdom of God through targeted, effective, and holistic ministries with children and youth in urban Lexington. Responsible for providing safe and developmentally appropriate programs for children, youth, and families while building fruitful partnerships with Lexington organizations working with children and youth.

FOCAL POINTS: VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT AND MANAGEMENT a. Works diligently to recruit new short and long term volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities within the children and youth programs of Nathaniel Mission. b. Screens volunteer applications and interviews to adhere to safety policies and to determine best fits for service. c. Empowers and equips volunteers to take active roles in service work, mentoring, and investment in the lives of the Nathaniel Mission’s participants. d. Develops leaders and secures buy-in from volunteers to champion program objectives and operational responsibilities. e. Oversees the volunteers of the Nathaniel Mission programs and ministries with children and youth, directing and evaluating their efforts to achieve stated goals and objectives. f. Communicates consistently with volunteers to maintain collaboration, offer support and appreciation, as well as sustain momentum and commitment amongst volunteers. ADMINISTRATIVE a. Direct the budget of children, youth, and family programs and ministries, particularly in maintaining slim and frugal overhead expenses. b. Establishes a ministry calendar, in cooperation with the Executive Director and Program Director, to advance ministry objectives and further the Mission’s vision of reaching children, youth, and families in our communities. c. Maintains consistent contact with the Board, Staff, Volunteers, Supporters, and Networks through a variety of media to continue to garner support and passion for the Mission’s work. d. In conjunction with the Executive Director and members of the Board, apply for and secure appropriate grants available to the Mission’s ministries with children, youth, and families.

LEADERSHIP a. In conjunction with the Executive Director and Program Director, ensures that the ministries and programs of the Mission with children, youth, and families are strategically focused to achieve agreed upon goals and objectives. b. Sets vision and missional objectives to broaden the influence of the Mission in the surrounding community, particularly in assessing and implementing new ministry opportunities for children, youth, and families. c. Establishes helpful and strategic partnerships with other ministry organizations, schools, government agencies, churches, and non-profits in the city to create a network of collaborative support for the children and youth we serve together. d. Establishes an environment of excellence in service and support that all volunteers and partners can strive to embody, including the maintenance of Safe Sanctuary standards.

PROGRAM OVERSIGHT a. Provide direction and leadership for all Mission programming pertaining to children, youth, and families, including but not limited to: after-school, summer enrichment camps, school mentors, and parent/family ministry. b. Network and build social capital in the neighboring communities of the Mission to enhance relational connections and rapport amongst our neighbors. c. Actively recruits new children, youth, and families to participate in Nathaniel Mission programs as well as maintains relational contact with those individuals to ensure consistency of participation and achievement of program objectives. d. Oversee strategic planning and implementation of educational and developmental programming aimed at effectively ministering to the needs of urban children, youth, and families. e. Establishes an environment of respect and dedication amongst children and youth to foster a safe, productive, supportive, and celebratory experience for all individuals participating in Nathaniel Mission’s programs. f. Participate in other ministry initiatives as assigned by the Executive Director or Program Director.

QUALIFICATIONS: a. Commitment to Christian discipleship with a respect for and understanding of the ministries of The United Methodist Church. b. Leadership skills that encourage and foster spiritual growth in those he/she serves. c. Well-organized, self-directed individual with a heart for missional investment in the children, youth, and families of our community. d. Intelligent and articulate individual who relates to people at all levels. e. Strong administrative and organizational skills. f. A capacity to engender commitment, passion, and investment in others. g. Ability to speak persuasively and confidently to large and diverse audiences. h. Bachelor’s Degree required in a field related to Education, Children Ministry, or Public Service. Master’s Degree preferred. i. 3 years experience in a closely related field preferred. j. Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred.

EXPECTATIONS OF EMPLOYEE: a. Exemplify the highest standard of Christian faith and morality. b. Maintain a positive and respectful attitude. c. Demonstrate flexible and efficient time management skills. d. Demonstrates an ability to prioritize workload and consistently meet deadlines.

Contact: Rev. Dan Baer

Location: The Nathaniel Mission

Address: 1109 Versailles Road Suite 400 Lexington KY 40508

Phone: 859-255-0062

Email: dbaer@nathanielmission.com

Website: www.nathanielmission.com

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