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Children/Family Minister

May 04, 2019

Children/Family Minister Hours: 15 weekly Pay: $14/ hour - $10,920/ year Includes: Sunday morning Sunday school and worship/children’s church Wednesday night or mid-week program time Planning, Preparation and Prayer time Team building Outreach time Other special times/activities/ministries Vision, Plan and implement/assist pastor and a team with how we help parents teach/lead their children to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ Resource and encourage parents/guardians with materials, opportunities so that discipleship can happen in the home. Build a team of volunteers to help plan for Park’s ministry with children, looking at it as a whole so there is unity and cohesiveness, with the understanding that the home is a major player in discipleship Plan and implement children’s church lessons every Sunday Morning during Sunday school, worship and Wednesday/Mid-week children’s lesson that help support and encourage what is happening in the home. Use your volunteer team and build up other volunteers to work in the Sunday School, Children’s church, mid-week and other ministries Find replacements for the Sunday’s and mid-week times you have to be gone or when volunteers will be gone Work with secretary (ministry coordinator) and/or the Pastor to order material needed Vision, plan and implement with your team, in consultation with the pastor, about how Park ministers to the Preschool and to other children in the community around us. Conduct outreach with the Preschool to initiate connection to Park. Create places and/or ways for Park to invite other children, parents, and families into community, to see what the love of God looks like in community. Plan outreach activities to initiate connection with families beyond just the preschool, but in the larger community as well. Go through, as well as teach, our conference’s safe sanctuary training each year. Person to report to: Pastor

Contact: Lynn Beach

Location: Park United Methodist Church

Address: 645 E High St Lexington KY 40502

Phone: 859.266.1701

Email: lynn@parkchurch.com

Website: www.parkchurch.com

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