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Director of Youth Ministries

July 17, 2019

Director of Youth Ministries St. Paul UMC, in the heart of the Highlands community in Louisville, KY, is seeking a full-time Director of Youth Ministries. The Director of Youth Ministries will have a passion for working with youth and their families. Furthermore, this individual will embody the mission of St. Paul UMC as a place where Christians “engage heads, hearts, and hands in love of God and others.” Through relational ministries such as worship, small/large group gatherings, mission opportunities, and social events, the Director of Youth Ministries will develop, schedule, and supervise the full range of ministries related to our students (Grades 7th- 12th) and their families.

Essential Functions of the Position: *Maintain and build upon existing youth ministry programs through worship, discussion leading, content preparation, spiritual formation, fellowship events, and mission opportunities. *Plan, prepare, promote, and lead during a regular weekly schedule that will include, but will not necessarily be limited to: Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday night gatherings. *Collaborate with the Youth Ministry Team to develop opportunities for youth ministries, while collaborating with church staff/lay leaders to integrate the youth ministries with the life of the church. *Oversee the creation and maintenance of the youth ministry budget. *Maintain regular and appropriate communications with students, parents, and the church regarding student ministries. Communicate with the youth, congregation, and community when appropriate, via church media, including: E-mail, Smart Phone Apps, Bulletin, Church Website, Church Newsletter, etc. Also, must be able to use social media and technology effectively and appropriately. *Serve as the primary pastor for youth and their families. Also, join the other pastoral staff in church-wide pastoral responsibilities such as: worship planning, preaching, and hospital visitation, in accordance with your calling, gifts, and passions.

Core Competencies of the Position: Ministry planning: Demonstrate ability to plan and coordinate diverse ministry opportunities including: small group studies, large group gatherings, retreats, mission opportunities, and fellowship events. Relationship Building: Work to know the Youth (and their families) of St. Paul UMC. Develop and nurture a familiarity and comfort level that will breed mutual trust and respect between the Youth of SPUMC and their Youth Minister. Pastoral Attentiveness and Effectiveness: Must be aware and attentive to the pastoral (i.e. physical, spiritual, familial, mental, etc.) needs of the youth, their families, and young adults. Possess an ability to engage others in pastoral means such as: prayer, presence, and confidentiality. Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrate enthusiasm and initiative when interacting with the youth, fellow staff, the congregation, and the community-at-large. Possess the ability to identify and solve problems, handle conflict, and engage in honest conversation. Volunteer Management: Provide direction, gain commitment, and achieve results through the efficient, creative, and responsible use of volunteers. Work courteously and enthusiastically with church staff, congregation members, and volunteers. Integrity and Trust: Must be viewed as trustworthy by others. Practice direct, honest, and transparent communication. Respond to situations with consistency and reliability. Administrative Skills: Understand basic budgeting and planning. Willing to provide oversight of youth budget including the annual Youth Futures fundraising campaign. Must understand and practice Safe Sanctuary policies. Amenable to supervision. Technology: Competent with Microsoft Office. Willing to learn and engage with any unfamiliar technologies (Examples: Shelby Systems, Mailchimp, Remind (App), others. Creativity and Innovation: Generate new ideas. Form new connections among existing ideas to create fresh approaches. Take acceptable risks in pursuit of innovation.

Contact: Amy Bishop

Location: St. Paul UMC

Address: 2000 Douglass Blvd. Louisville KY 40205

Phone: 502-459-1595

Email: amy@stpaulchurchky.org

Website: stpaulchurchky.org

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