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Poverty Intervention and Prevention Coordinator

December 19, 2019

The Nathaniel Mission is seeking a motivated, disciplined, organized, and bilingual (Spanish and English) individual to fill the post Poverty Intervention and Prevention Coordinator. Candidates should be detail-oriented, confident, and capable of overseeing the work of a team of volunteers. Please see the attached job descriptions and send resumes to Rev. Dan Baer at dbaer@nathanielmission.com. THE NATHANIEL MISSION POVERTY INTERVENTION AND PREVENTION COORDINATOR PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: To assist the Executive Director and Program Director in establishing the Nathaniel Mission as a thriving, jubilant, and transformative outpost of the Kingdom of God, particularly amongst the poor, rejected, and oppressed of our city. To oversee all programs, case management, services, resources, and offerings for neighbors in need through coordination of The Nathaniel Mission’s Poverty Intervention and Prevention and Health and Wellness initiatives. FOCUS POINTS 1. PROGRAM OVERSIGHT AND STRATEGIES a. Establishes a community resource network and develops relationships with other partnering organizations to assist neighbors. b. Maintains an up-to-date, exhaustive community resource database, including food, health, clothing, housing, jobs, emergency aid, and various other resources. c. Evaluates, with the oversight of the Executive and Program Directors, the needs of the community and critical gaps in services. d. Creates essential services and opportunities to meet the needs of neighbors, including classes, clinics, incentive programs, leaning opportunities, and other offerings that best match identified gaps in resourcing. e. Enlists outside support from specialists, social workers, financial counselors, police officers, housing authorities, and more to bring essential information and resources to the clients of the Mission at various programs and services. f. Connects clients and neighbors of The Mission to the full spectrum of programs and resources available at The Mission as well as in our resource network in order to provide holistic service and care for those in need. g. Performs all other duties entrusted to them by the Executive and Program Directors. 2. CASE MANAGEMENT a. Holds open hours for client case management, intake, and follow-up appointments in order to determine, collect, and document the needs of our surrounding communities. b. Maintains consistent, clear, and accessible records of all case management appointments for internal data, grant writing, and strategic development. c. Develop a plan of service with clients in need based on identified resources available as well as those resources the client possesses in order to achieve greater confidence, wholeness, and independence for all clients managed. d. Communicates clearly to, and in partnership with, the client the plan of service to increase success and buy-in for the proposed plan of service. e. Achieves positive outcomes for clients in need, including: goal management, self-sufficiency, well-being, restorative partnerships, and personal transformation. f. Monitors case files and client relationships for follow-up and consultation. 3. ADULT EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES a. Develops a calendar of educational programs that meet identified needs amongst significant populations in our community, including existing offerings such as Lunch & Learn, Diabetes Support Group, Financial Wellness Seminar, Healthy Cooking Class, and Jobs 4 Life. b. Recruits volunteers and leaders to take ownership over specific programs while maintaining oversight and responsibility for the successful execution of the programs. c. Performs essential tasks related to program execution, such as meal preparation, communications, scheduling, data management, and other items that may surround specific programs. QUALIFICATIONS: a. Commitment to the Christian faith, personally and as a representative of a Christian non-profit organization. b. Willingness to work with Mission’s purpose and vision. c. Well-organized, self-directed individual with a heart for outreach missions and the community. d. Bilingual in English and Spanish. e. Intelligent and articulate individual who relates to people at all levels. f. Strong administrative skills. g. Competencies in Office Suite, Google Drive, and other technological skills. h. Ability to speak persuasively and confidently to large and diverse audiences. i. Bachelors Degree preferred, especially in a field related to Social Work. Masters of Social Work ideal. j. 3 years experience in a closely related field preferred. EXPECTATIONS OF EMPLOYEE: a. Exemplify the highest standard of Christian faith and morality. b. Maintain a positive and respectful attitude. c. Demonstrate flexible and efficient time management skills and an ability to prioritize workload and consistently meet deadlines. d. Agreement to the Nathaniel Mission’s Employee Handbook and stated operational values.

Contact: Rev. Dan Baer

Location: The Nathaniel Mission

Address: 1109 Versailles Road Suite 400 Lexington KY 40508

Phone: 859-255-0062


Website: www.nathanielmission.com

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