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Administrative and Financial Assistant

December 19, 2019

The Nathaniel Mission is seeking a motivated, disciplined, and organized individual to fill the posts of Administrative and Financial Assistant. Candidates should be detail-oriented, confident, and capable of overseeing the work of a team of volunteers. Please see the attached job descriptions and send resumes to Rev. Dan Baer at dbaer@nathanielmission.com.

THE NATHANIEL MISSION ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANT PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: To assist the Executive Director and Program Director in establishing the Nathaniel Mission as a thriving, jubilant, and transformative outpost of the Kingdom of God, particularly amongst the poor, rejected, and oppressed of our city. To oversee all administrative and financial tasks of the Nathaniel Mission as the primary organizational officer.

FOCUS POINTS: ADMINISTRATIVE OVERSIGHT AND FINANCIAL LEADERSHIP a. Works under the Program Director to ensure that all ministries and programs continue according to the established vision and missional objectives. b. Assists the Staff in directing volunteers in daily administrative tasks and the successful operations of the Mission’s activities, programs, and ministries. c. Oversees the record-keeping, database management, and other documenting of the Mission’s services, clinics, and ministries for both internal records and outside reports. d. Maintains consistent financial records and reports. e. Oversees daily financial tasks, including check preparation, payroll, accounts management, petty cash, reimbursement, and other duties as directed by the Executive and Program Directors. f. Directs the work of the Mission’s “Front Office” – answering phones, coordinating the assistance intake process, collecting data on volunteers and clients, maintaining contact with the Mission’s network through mailings, emails, etc. g. Maintains contact with the Mission’s volunteers to establish a calendar of volunteer opportunities, assisting the Program Director in maintaining a volunteer database and scheduling all necessary volunteers for the Mission’s ministries and programs. h. Under the direction of the Executive and Program Directors, maintains a calendar of events taking place at the Mission and assists in scheduling all outside use of the facility. i. Oversees the purchase of supplies for the Mission including but not limited to kitchen, cleaning, office and other supplies. j. With the Program Director, ensures that the Mission meets required health standards, maintaining regulatory health and safety standards in the Mission’s commercial kitchen through assisting kitchen volunteers in understanding and complying with set standards. k. With the Program Director, ensure that the Mission upholds the best available environmental practices (such as recycling, heat/air control, electrical usage, etc.). l. Performs other duties as required and as assigned by the Executive and Program Directors.

QUALIFICATIONS: a. Commitment to the Christian faith, personally and as a representative of a Christian non-profit organization. b. Willingness to work with Mission’s purpose and vision. c. Well-organized, self-directed individual with a heart for outreach missions and the community. d. Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred. e. Intelligent and articulate individual who relates to people at all levels. f. Strong administrative skills. g. Strong competencies in QuickBooks and financial best practices. h. Competencies in Office Suite, Google Drive, and other technological skills. i. Ability to speak persuasively and confidently to large and diverse audiences. j. Bachelors Degree preferred, especially in a field related to Finance or Business Administration. k. 3 years experience in a closely related field preferred.

EXPECTATIONS OF EMPLOYEE: a. Exemplify the highest standard of Christian faith and morality. b. Maintain a positive and respectful attitude. c. Demonstrate flexible and efficient time management skills and an ability to prioritize workload and consistently meet deadlines. d. Agreement to the Nathaniel Mission’s Employee Handbook and stated operational values.

Contact: Rev. Dan Baer

Location: The Nathaniel Mission

Address: 1109 Versailles Road Suite 400 Lexington KY 40508

Phone: 859-255-0062


Website: www.nathanielmission.com

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