Director of Youth Ministry

January 12, 2022

Job Description Director of Youth Ministries Southern Hills United Methodist Church Purpose To collaborate, develop, implement and oversee the youth ministries of Southern Hills UMC. Areas of Responsibility: Collaborate and oversee all youth ministries: 1. Overall Ministry a. Communicate and implement the Southern Hills UMC Safe Sanctuaries Policy to all staff and volunteers that work with youth. b. Develop and follow an annual youth ministries budget. c. Organize and maintain space and equipment necessary to implement the mission and vision of the overall youth ministry. d. Work directly with the Faith Formation Team to provide transition between children’s and young adult ministries; implement Milestone Ministries developed by this team. e. Integrate youth at all campuses into youth ministry programming and activities. 2. Youth a. Pray for and be available to the youth of both church campuses while providing a culture of trust and openness for life sharing and faith development. b. Plan and coordinate yearly events and/or special outings that nurture the whole student’s life and faith stories. c. Communicate and encourage participation in the variety of youth ministry opportunities to the congregation and to potential visitors. d. Collaborate and plan youth mission trips with a goal of each youth being able to participate in a local (KY), national (US), and international trip throughout their middle and high school years. e. Seek new ways to outreach to youth that do not currently attend youth group activities at Southern Hills UMC. f. Organize and lead youth in Bible lessons and studies for fellowship and growth in a way that relates to the current culture and generation. 3. Volunteers a. Work with co-youth director to recruit, train, guide and support youth ministries volunteers. b. Build a Youth Ministry Team with parents and families to collaborate on the mission and vision of youth ministry. 4. Parents a. Pray for and encourage the youth and their families. b. Provide ways for families of youth to become more connected to Southern Hills UMC. c. Provide support, training and encouragement for parents/families of youth. d. Help keep families connected with up-to-date communication. Guidelines 1. Report directly to Faith Formation Director. 2. Attend all regular and called staff meetings. 3. Attend all regular and called Faith Formation Team meetings. 4. Adhere to Southern Hills UMC’s Safe Sanctuary Policy. Qualifications 1. Appropriate degree(s) and/or experience in youth ministry. 2. High energy and strong organizational skills. 3. A mature Christian faith, and a deep desire to lead innovative, effective ministries to encourage and grow the faith of youth. 4. Implementation of UMC doctrine. 5. Satisfactory completion of a background check, first aid/CPR training, and training under Southern Hills UMC’s Safe Sanctuary Policy.

Contact: Kristina White

Location: Southern Hills UMC

Address: 2356 Harrodsburg Rd LEXINGTON 40503

Phone: 8593617416

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