Music Minister

May 31, 2022

General Job Summary: Lead the LUMC ministry in music to support the vision, goals, and commissions of the church. Qualifications: Musical training; Experience in directing music in groups/choir; Preferred- Experience in developing a choir and teaching various voice types; Experience working with children/youth General Expectations: In addition to specific job duties, the position holder is expected: 1. To conduct all functions in the ministry with a respectful, open, and Christian attitude. 2. To realize as a representative of LUMC and God’s church that behavior outside as well as inside the Church Building reflects on the church, its purpose and reputation, so should be conducted as so. 3. To interact and relate to persons inside the church both in music and otherwise to strengthen and encourage all. Staff are strongly encouraged to participate in some other areas within the church (small groups/Sunday School, etc.) Regular Responsibilities: 1. Plan music for all worship services in cooperation with the Senior Pastor. 2. Enthusiastically lead worship all services. 3. Plan special services and seasons of the church year in cooperation with the Worship Team and the Senior Pastor. 4. Recruit and train members of the chancel choir, providing ongoing leadership and discipleship. 5. Coordinate with groups and individuals who provide special music. 6. Lead the children’s choir in cooperation with the Director of Children’s Ministry. 7. Oversee the maintenance of musical instruments. 8. Supervise musicians on staff. 9. Provide a budget estimate for the Music Ministry to the Finance Committee annually. 10. Participate in weekly staff meetings and periodic staff gatherings. 12. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor. Standard Work hours: 10-15 hours per week; Wednesday evening, Sunday AM, Personal Prep, Staff Meetings Non-Standard Work Hours: Special projects such as seasonal or other that reflect general responsibilities for LUMC ministries. Salary: Negotiable based on experience / training / etc.

Contact: Troy Elmore

Location: Lebanon United Methodist Church

Address: 236 N. Spalding Avenue Lebanon 40033

Phone: 2706341524

Email: Click to email