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Use the links at right for information about our Kentucky Conference Campus Ministries on our UM Colleges and at State Universities.


Connect a Student to one of our ministries...

Alternatively, you may email the following information to Tami Coleman or Judy Noel and they will make the connection for you!

  1. Student's name
  2. Student's email address
  3. Student's cell phone number (optional)
  4. College or University attending
  5. Name of person submitting this information (aka "your name") and your relationship to the student.
  6. Any other comments or questions you may have.


2018  State of Campus Ministry Annual Report - See how each of our ten campus ministries in the Kentucky Conference are doing.


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View the 2017 Campus Ministries video that was shown at #kac2017

Students talk about what being part of a campus ministry means to them




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 Click Here for a list of Campus Ministries and Chaplains (Word Document)

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