Connecting Neighbors

This program from UMCOR is designed to do three things:

  • Prepare neighbors by training them to be in a better position to handle disasters.
  • Make sure churches have effective emergency plans.
  • Help churches put together a post-disaster vision of effective witnessing and ministering.

Churches can help share expenses and information from the Connecting Neighbors training by pairing up on training, and several have already done so.

Below you will find the video series that the Disaster Response Ministry created for the Connecting Neighbors training.

The videos cover much of the information that the actual Connecting Neighbors workshop would provide, although it’s not a replacement of the in-person training since much of the benefit comes from the interaction and discussions of the participants.

Connecting Neighbors Introduction


Connecting Neighbors Overview & Ready Congregants



Connecting Neighbors Ready Churches


Connecting Neighbors Ready Response



After you watch the videos, please take the accompanying online quiz


If you’re interested in more information about any of these training opportunities, contact Jim Morse, the Conference’s Disaster Response Coordinator, at