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 He said to disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few, therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” 

Matthew 9:37


Many of us don’t use the word “harvest” except during fall months when speaking of actual farm crops or gardens.  In reality, we harvest almost constantly without even being aware of it.  The outcome or consequence of our daily efforts, good or not good, is what we harvest.   Love, trust, and friendship might be some results of our efforts.  The disciples’ mission was the same as Jesus’; find the lost sheep, proclaim the good news, and do everything in His name.  They were the few; the lost sheep were the plentiful.  They still are.  Our foremothers began a great work in Jesus’ name and we are committed to follow in their footsteps.


We see crisis situations in nations all over the world as well as our own, in cities, towns and yes, even our own neighborhoods.  Where do we begin?  If we only look and listen to what God is sending us out, or in, to do, we’ll know where to begin.  He knows our talents better than we do, and is a much more efficient director.  The possibilities are endless, from visits to sharing our own bounty with others, funding projects, prayer circles, mission work trips/projects, teaching, witnessing, caring for children, elderly, program planning, civic work, and on and on.  If you need some prompting, go to the Mission Today list (online and in the directory) or make up your own to suit your particular situation.


Most towns/hospitals/libraries have opportunities for volunteers and hours are flexible.  Remember 82% of Kentuckians are not ever in a church on Sunday morning and some of those may be in your neighborhood!  Even though the harvest is plentiful, the good news is and always will be, that God is still in control and he won’t let us down!! 


2010 will be another exciting year for KY Conference UMW.  I’m excited that so many are attending Assembly, can’t wait to hear about it!  We will be without our beloved Debbie Mason, but the Spiritual Growth Retreat will again be very worthy of your time.  Don’t forget to register early for School of Christian Mission.  Pray for our events that they will glorify God in every way.  May God bless each and every one of you in all your efforts, in His name.


Grace and Peace,

Nancy Wetzel, E & I Coordinator