Wisdom of the Elders: Healing the Earth Time
Friday, October 11, 2019 to Sunday, October 13, 2019

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The United Methodist Church has a long tradition of being in dialogue with those from other cultural, denominational and faith traditions.  This dialogue allows us to be better able to understand the distinction of a Wesleyan theological perspective as well as to discern common virtues and values that we share with people who believe differently than ourselves.  This educational opportunity allows United Methodist from Kentucky to learn about the Native American understanding of passing wisdom from generation to generation as well as the virtues of character, perseverance, trust, respect, humility, courage and honesty and how they can bring healing

Many tribes and cultures talk of learning from the 7 Generations before us in order to carry the wisdom to the 7 Generations ahead of us.  The previous 7 Generations impact who we are and how we live today.  What we learn, how we live, and what we do will impact the 7 Generations to come.  The values encircled above are held by many of the tribes of Turtle Island and serve to give us the tools to make a positive impact.
The Elders and Ancestors tell many stories about the coming of the New Springtime or Coming Together Time.  We have been in that time of learning wisdom from the different directions. Now, we are in the Healing the Earth Time, a time to check and balance the way we walk so the earth may be healed.
Every harmful thing going on in our world today is a direct result of how we are out of balance.  We must Heal the Earth by bringing balance to our lives.  The Elders, Teachers and Indigenous Wisdom keepers are ready to share the lessons necessary to help us accomplish our goal. 
Sit with Elders & Teachers in small & large group sessions!
Jeanette Stephens-El, Raining Deer Harjo
African American, Powhatan-Cherokee and member of Oglawaha band of Seminole
Raining Deer Harjo is a multi-award-winning author, a cancer thriver, community ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in Philadelphia, and recipient of the Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Raining Deer will have several of her books available at Wisdom.  
Please see: http://www.rainingdeer.com/ 

Four of our guest speakers, Bruce & Pat Hardwick, Duane Kinnart, and Van Archiquette received the Prairyerth 2019 Living Treasures of North America Heritage Award this year, along with Momfeather Erickson and Osahmin (both posthumously).They were selected for their dedication and service to their Elders and keeping the traditions and teaching of the Anishinaabeg and Cherokee People alive for the next Seven Generations.

The Recognition Award Nominees each demonstrate a true model of servant leadership and mentoring through their Native Traditions through book writing, workshops, conferences, drumming and sharing of the Sacred Fire around the world. These four honorees will bring the 900-year-old Potawatomi Fire. This Fire has been carried and used around the world by these Firekeepers for the last 24 years.

Bruce Hardwick, Bruce Muk ta the - Black Striped Wolf, Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa
Pat Hardwick Miskwa Geezik Quay, Red Sky Woman

Bruce and Pat have held hundreds of Sacred Fires at "The Rainbow Lodge" where the lesson of "4-All" was grounded in the truth that humans can put differences aside and find common ground at Grandfather Fire. They bring the 900-year-old Potawatomi Fire.

Duane Kinnart, Mukwa O’Day- Bear Heart, Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa Duane is a passionate Firekeeper, singer, and drum leader. He speaks about how he came to the Fire wanting to be a better man so he could be a better father.

Van Archiquette, Gitchi Waub Mukwa - Great White Bear, Wisconsin Oneida
Van is a respected Elder in the Wisconsin Oneida. He has worked and taught alongside the other Firekeepers for many years. He is known for his quiet wisdom and presence. Spend some time with this gentle spirit.

Bruce, Pat, Duane and Van have traveled and shared these teachings all over the world.  Please see:  https://www.shift2green.org/living-treasure-heritage-awards 

Geshe Rapgyal, Executive Director & Spiritual Teacher
Geshe Rapgyal is the Executive Director and Spiritual Teacher of Drepung Gomang Center for Engaging Compassion. Born in Tibet, he is a monk and respected teacher, and part of Drepung Gomang Monastery in South India. Geshe Rapgyal is very involved in bringing compassion and nonviolence practice to the Louisville community and beyond.  Please see:  https://www.drepunggomangusa.org/our-mission/monks/

Dr. Riffat Hassan, Feminist Islamic Theologian, Pakistani
Riffat is Professor Emerita (U of L), an Activist and a pioneer of Inter-religious dialogue in the U.S.  She founded The Salaam Network which stands in solidarity with those who seek to make our community the abode of peace and to make it whole. Please see:  http://riffathassan.info/about/

Grandmother Jeremie, Ngahu Taawi  (Medicine Song), English, French, Hopi
Grandmother Jeremie is Ministerial Director of Sanctuary, Inc., a Spiritual and Educational foundation in Kentucky.  She shares her memories and wisdom in 10 ongoing Wisdom Teaching Circles. Jeremie’s hope is to weave a new tapestry of knowledge that honors the teachings and traditions of the Hopi as well as other American Indian Traditions, in the old way, through circles, stories and ceremony as well as by example. Please See:  http://www.hopiwisdomteachings.com

Grandmother Sings True - Women’s Drum - Saturday Night Ceremony
Grandmother Sings True is an intertribal women’s healing drum.  She is and brings the love and heartbeat of the Earth.  The drummers and songs come from many tribes and continents, we sing the traditions and memory lines of all of our ancestors.  Our purpose is to support transformation and healing for individuals as well as community as a whole.

C. J. Wright, Awahili Gawoni- Cherokee, English, Irish
Rev. C. J. is the Executive Director of the Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, serving the indigenous and wider community for over 18 years.  She has received teachings and ceremonies from many Elders and is committed to sharing them in good and sacred ways. Momfeather and C. J. taught together in Louisville. Momfeather made her promise that the Wisdom of the Elders would continue. And, so it is. Wado.
We hope you will join these honored and gifted teachers for the Healing the Earth Time.

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Friday, October 11 - 3pm - 10pm
Saturday, October 12 - 7am to 10pm
Sunday, October 13 - 8am to 1pm

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