2016 Families of Addiction Recovery Ministries (FARM) Retreat
Friday, March 18, 2016 to Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Camp Loucon
8044 Anneta Road
Leitchfield, KY 42754

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(270) 242-7160


Fred Goodwin

The mission of the Families of Addiction Recovery Ministries (FARM) is to cultivate and grow an environment of healing by equipping clergy and laity with the skills and tools to develop recovery ministries. FARM will provide avenues for sharing and disseminating information to leadership with local congregations


• Special Program for Substance Abuse and Related Violence (SPARV) http://www.umspsarv.org/

• Recommends UMC Drug & Abuse Resources to be used in Local UMC’s

• Educating People Addiction is a Disease Pleasure Unwoven-$30, DVD http://www.instituteforaddictionstudy.com/ or call 801-456-0765

• Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) https://prd.chfs.ky.gov/Office_Phone/

• Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) http:dbhdid.ky.gov/kdbhdid/crisisnos.asp

Upcoming Retreat

Join us for an overnight retreat at Camp Loucon on March 18-19. This retreat will help explore and become informed about the various recovery ministry options for your local church. The cost is $35.

For more information, contact Fred Goodwin revfredg@gmail.com or Lew Nichols lewandbarb@gmail.com.


Deadline to register is March 4th.  


All times listed are CST (local time for Loucon)

5:00pm      Gather Friday afternoon

5:30pm      Brief devotional

6:00pm      Light dinner

6:45pm      Introductions, purpose of FARM, participant expectations of time there and goals for learning

7:15pm      Break

7:30pm      Definitions of Addiction, Treatment, Recovery, etc

8:15pm      End for the evening

7:15am      Devotional

7:30am      Breakfast

8:15am      Q&A related to evening session

8:30am      Agenda and Education Goals for Saturday

8:45am      Break

9:00am      Watch DVD and discuss

10:30am    Break

10:45am    Addiction's Impact on Family (young children, youth, adults)

12:00pm    Lunch

12:45pm    Current understanding of addiction, treatment, recovery, etc.

1:30pm       Break

1:45pm       Legal issues related to addiction

2:45pm       Starting an addiction and/or recovery ministry

3:00pm       Q & A, Communion
3:30pm        Dismissal

If you would like to get to know some members of the FARM team a little better, please click on their name listed below to read their bio.

Fred Goodwin
Lew Nichols
Dr. RonSonlyn Clark