MissionInsite/Lifestyle Preferences Training with Tom Bandy
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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Kentucky Annual Conference Center
7400 Floydsburg Road
Crestwood, KY 40014

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(502) 425-3884


Sherri Switzer

How to Use Demographics and Lifestyle Preferences for Training and Planning


9:00        Gather and Prayer
9:30        Demographic Basics
We will use sample case studies suggested by participants for illustration
The Four "Lenses" of Magnification for Demographic Research
The Difference between "Attracting" People and "Blessing" People
Spiritual and Practical Preparation
How to Define a Primary (or Outreach) Mission Field
Best Use of Prepared Reports
How to Build Your Own Really Useful Report
(Coffee Break)
How to Use Thematic Mapping Effectively
How to Compare Current Congregational Membership to the Broader Mission Field
How to "Reality Check" Demographic Research
Psychographic Research
How to UsePsychographic Research (Impressions Reports) to Design Ministries
12:00     Lunch
                Questions, Answers, and Dialogue
1:30        Lifestyle Segments and Ministry Preferences
We will use sample case studies suggested by participants for illustration
Understanding Lifestyle Fluidity ... and How that Impacts Annual Strategic Planning!
Overview of Lifestyle Segments ... and why it Matters So Much!
How to See Patterns of Ministry among Lifestyle Segments ... and Set Priorities!
Ministry Preferences by Lifestyle Segments:
·         What kind of pastor (board member) will be most empathic?
·         What kind of hospitality will truly be radical?
·         What kind of worship will be most powerful?
·         What options for Christian Education will be most effective?
·         What options for Midweek Small Groups will be most likely to multiply?
·         What kinds of outreach ministries will energize volunteers? And impact the community?
(Coffee Break)
·         What kinds of facilities, technologies, and Christian symbols will people favor?
·         What kinds of fund raising and financial management strategies will people welcome?
·         What kinds of media will make internal communication and marketing effective?
Issues and Challenges for Church Planters
Issues and Challenges for Transformational Leaders
4:00        Adjourn