2013 Louisville District Leadership Academy 3/16/13
Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Kentucky Conference Office
7400 Floydsburg Rd
Crestwood, KY 40014

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(502) 425-3884


Becki Curry

 9:00 am-11:30 am
Session I

Highlights of Our Church’s Story* Led by Charles Brockwell- Retired Elder of Kentucky Annual Conference.  The Wesley family of the 1700s: Some themes of USA Methodism and questions for our “future history.” Notre Dame Professor Nathan Hatch says that from the era of Andrew Jackson until today, Methodists continue to be, as President Theodore Roosevelt said, “the most representative of American denominations.”

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Session II      Please choose one option below:

To Be Wesleyan Is To Be Ecumenical* Led by Dr. Charles Brockwell- former professor of Methodist Studies at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. John Wesley said that he desired a league, offensive and defensive, with all Christians, however they are denominated. One of our pastors says, “United is our name and uniting is our game.” This session is about ways we fulfill our Constitutional commitment to “seek, and work for, unity at all levels of church life.” (Book of Discipline, par. 6).
“Listening for God in the Midst of Conflict” Led by Kevin Burney- Director of Ministerial Services. An introduction to transforming conflict in the life of your congregation.
“After Hello”: Congregational Care/Caring for Others/End of Life
Care. Led by Lisa Schmitt- Chaplain at U of L Healthcare. What to say...How do we offer comfort to someone in need, someone experiencing illness, someone facing death, or someone grieving the loss of a loved one? Together, let us learn practical ways to care for each other.
Young Adult Ministry Led by David Garvin- Associate Pastor at St. Paul UMCDo you have an existing young adult ministry? Looking to start a newministry? We will explore together what it means to connect twentysomethingswith each other, the Church, and with God. During ourtime together we will share best practices, fun ideas, and fruitful stories.