Camp Sunday 2012

At our Kentucky Conference Camp & Retreat Centers lives are forever being and changed, and YOU are the ONE that makes that happen.

Your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness at our Camps & Retreat Centers are changing hearts, minds and actions. People young and old are being encouraged in their Christian walk and being challenged to live more faithful and God-bearing lives. In these beautiful outdoor cathedrals people are finding a safe haven to experience Christ in their lives, and then challenged to take home the Good News to share with their family and friends. Christian Leaders are being developed and deployed to be shining lights reflecting God's Glory all throughout Kentucky and the world.  Encouraging relationships are being built so that all who attend our Camp & Retreat Centers know they have a Church family whenever they might feel alone otherwise. YOU are changing lives!

As you and your church celebrate Camp Sunday 2012 we hope that you will:

PRAY for the ministry at Loucon, Aldersgate, Ruggles & Kavanaugh!
SHARE with people what God is doing through Camp & Retreat Ministry!
SEND kids to camp & on retreats to experience His Love & Message!
HELP volunteer as a dean, counselor, or for a work day!
GIVE generously and support our camps!

To download a bulletin insert click here.

Kentucky Conference Camp & Retreat Ministry
Aldersgate - Kavanaugh - Loucon - Ruggles