Maximizing DISCIPLE in Your Church Online Workshop

The Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship will be offering the following online workshop.

IFD150 -- Maximizing DISCIPLE in Your Church:  A Workshop for DISCIPLE Facilitators by Bishop Richard Wilke, author of DISCIPLE, and Lisa Buffum, DISCIPLE facilitator

This workshop is intended for churches with current DISCIPLE Bible Study programs.  Using a special DVD by Bishop Richard Wilke and a book entitled “The DISCIPLE Story,” we will look at the past (where DISCIPLE has come from), present (what our peers are doing), and future (where your church goes from here with its DISCIPLE program).  The workshop will be offered September 10-28, 2007.  Visit for more information or to enroll in the workshop.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available.

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