Columbia District S.O.S Retreat
Sunday, January 21, 2007

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Barren River

(270) 384-8582


Sending out an S.O.S!!!  (Sunday off with the Superintendent)


In the first four months of my time with you, I have focused on building relationships and strengthening the United Methodist Connection.  


As I have said before, “How we relate is as important as the work that we do.”  Here is a reminder of the ways we are encouraging a deeper sense of relating to each other in the Columbia District.


  1. We continue to update the email list.  To be added send an email to
  2. Share prayer requests and written prayers with the email list.
  3. Lori hosted four Clergy Spouse Luncheons. 
  4. A District Phone Chain has been developed and utilized on two separate occasions.    
  5. We are increasing the circulation of the District Newsletter to include the Church Council chairs and Lay Leaders from each congregation. 
  6. How we relate is as important as the work that we do.


    District Superintendent is making home visits to all pastors, retirees and surviving spouses.  (51 visits to date)
  7. A Columbia District website is online at  Click on “Districts.”  


Now we are set to launch our next experience ~ we are sending out an S.O.S.  (Sunday off with the Superintendent). The S.O.S. is a cluster retreat on Sunday mornings  (8:00-Noon CST) at three different locations.  


Jan. 14   Dale Hollow State Park

Jan. 21   Barren River State Park

Feb. 4     Lindsey Wilson College


I invite you to think of these retreats as “a team meeting.”   When you are on a team, you are expected to attend the team meeting in order to prepare for the game.  I believe that each pastor brings something unique to the District.  That is why we need everyone who is serving a church to attend these retreats.  Every pastor serving an appointment is required to attend ONE of the three retreats.   To be clear, the retreat is mandatory. Consider it a Sunday off for renewal.  It will not count as one of your vacation Sundays.  During the retreat we will have a learning time (better known as Sunday School), Worship and lunch together.  The District is covering the entire cost of the retreats.


You are encouraged to register for the retreat closest to you by contacting me at or 384-8582 by November 20th. (You can also make your Christmas party reservation at that time).  


The S.O.S. retreats are on Sunday to make it possible for our Supply and bi-vocational pastors to attend without having to take a day off from work or time away from their family.   Since each pastor is already committed to being at church on Sunday, we want them to spend one Sunday morning together for learning and worship.


I will be mailing a letter to each SPR team asking them to support their pastor to have this Sunday in church with the D.S.   If you need assistance in arranging a speaker for the Sunday off, please contact my office.  Retired pastors are invited to join us for this retreat.  We would be honored by your presence if you are available. Please R.S.V.P. 


While the S.O.S. retreats are for pastors only, sometime next year we are looking at a retreat experience which will include the whole family.  


To life,