Healthcare Supplement Fund

The Kentucky Conference Commission on Equitable Compensation may distribute the funds for healthcare supplement to charges and agencies whose clergyperson’s base salary is less than or equal to 115% of the conference minimum compensation as approved by the Kentucky Annual Conference, regardless of the location of the charge or institution. 

For 2019, in order to receive the supplement the clergypersons salary cannot be more than $36,200 in order to receive the supplement. 

To receive funding, the clergyperson must be a participant in the conference healthcare plan.  The charge or institution will not receive the funds directly, but will receive a prorated reduction in its billing for the healthcare payments for the year.  The supplement is for one year only and there is no guarantee that funding will be available for the charge or institution for period beyond the one-year commitment.

The commission may use its discretion in distributing funds to allow for extenuating circumstances for specific charges.  While all charges with a base salary not more than 115% of minimum compensation are elegible to receive credits, some charges may not receive credits.

Charges requesting a credit based on extenuating circumstances shall present the request to the office of the Director of Ministerial Services by November 15th to receive consideration for funding for the next calendar year.


  • Maximum grant for 2019 - $2,000.00
  • The supplement is only for clergypersons who participate in the conference healthcare plan
  • Grants will result in a reduction of amount billed to the charge or institution for healthcare payments each month
  • All grants are a one-year commitment with no guarantee of additional grants in future years
  • The maximum salary for the clergy person in order to receive the grant for 2019 is $36,200

Click here to obtain Healthcare Supplement Fund request form.