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New! HealthFlex Exchange

The mission of the Conference Board of Pensions has always been clear: to serve those who serve in the Kentucky Conference. To that end, we are excited to share news about Conference health insurance for active participants.
Beginning January 1, 2020, the Kentucky Conference Board of Pensions will begin a partnership with Wespath and their HealthFlex Exchange to provide health benefits to our clergy and others who participate in the Conference Health Plan.
What exactly is Wespath’s HealthFlex Exchange? We believe the HealthFlex Exchange offers participants a range of insurance choices within the Anthem/BlueCross BlueShield network and increased wellness incentives while stabilizing health insurance costs for participants and local churches. Check out the below resources on HealthFlex and Wespath's robust well-being programs:


How does an exchange work? Participants will be able to "shop" from 6 medical, 3 dental, and 3 vision plans for coverage. You can choose the value and peace of mind that best fits your needs. Wespath provides tools to help you make the best plan decision for you.

Why commit to this change now? Your Conference Board of Pensions continuously reviews plans, costs, and benefits options to ensure each plan participant and local church has access to high quality insurance at affordable and sustainable costs. In honoring this commitment – and in conversation with the Cabinet, Directors, and various other stakeholders throughout the Conference – we all believe the HealthFlex Exchange offers the best value and path forward for healthy clergy, churches, and communities.
Why share this information now? First, we are excited about our partnership with Wespath and the HealthFlex Exchange. Second, we want participants and local churches to have adequate time to learn and plan for the changes that will take effect on 1/1/2020.
What’s next for current plan participants and the HealthFlex Exchange? First, we hope you will attend one of the upcoming Information Sessions around the Conference (see dates below). Second, you can expect regular communication from the Administrative Services Team and Board of Pensions about HealthFlex opportunities, plans, how-tos, workshops, and more. Like in past years, our Annual Enrollment will occur in November and the plans will take effect on 1/1/2020.
What does this mean for my current health insurance plans? Nothing. All of your current 2019 health insurance plans and elections (medical, dental, vision, HSA) will remain active through 12/31/2019.
How can I learn more about Wespath HealthFlex Exchange? We hope you will join Wespath Representatives, Board of Pensions representatives, District Superintendents, and Administrative Services team members at one of the following Information Sessions:

  • Tuesday, April 23, 1-3p*: Conference Office (Crestwood)
  • Wednesday, April 24, 10a-12p: Settle Memorial UMC (Owensboro)
  • Wednesday, April 24, 2-4p: Broadway UMC (Bowling Green)
  • Thursday, April 25, 9-11a: Georgetown First UMC (Georgetown)
  • Thursday, April 25, 1-3p: Winchester First UMC (Winchester)

*All times local
Also, be on the lookout for emails, mailings, and updates to this website with HealthFlex information and tidbits in the coming months.