Investment Management Services


Investment Management Services

We offer several options for churches and agencies wishing to place funds under management. These options are designed for churches' permanent endowment funds, their reserve funds, and their shorter-term funds. The investment options of KUMF comply with the Socially Responsible Investing standards of The United Methodist Book of Discipline.

Under the leadership of the Foundation's investment Committee, and in accordance with its Investment Policy Statement, funds are invested to both meet the United Methodist "Socially Responsible Investing" principles as described in ¶ 717 of The Book of Discipline, and also to provide competitive returns for our churches and agencies.

The Foundation offers two funds:

Balanced Fund
     For longer-term investments, permanent endowment funds, and other reserve funds, the Balanced Fund's targeted allocation is 65% equities, 30% fixed income and 5% cash.

Stable Value Fund
    For shorter-term investments and for churches seeking the flexibility of a money-market type account for their reserve funds.  The Stable Value Fund has no minimum time periods, no early withdrawal penalties and no fees.

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