Journal 2013

Proceedings of the Eighteenth Session
of The Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church

Hosted by the Covington District
Sessions held at The Northern Kentucky Convention Center
Covington, KY
June 10-12, 2013
Lindsey Davis, Presiding Bishop

Clergy and lay members of The Kentucky Annual Conference can receive the password for the protected chapters by contacting their DS or the Conference Secretary (

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Opening Pages
(Table of contents and Letters from Bishop and Covington District Superintendent)

Chapter 1
Administration of the Kentucky Annual Conference

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Ministerial Directory and Service Records

Chapter 4
Lay Directory

Chapter 5
Leadership Teams

Chapter 6
Daily Proceedings

Chapter 7
Resolutions & Petitions

Chapter 8
Business of the Kentucky Annual Conference

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13
Miscellaneous Financial

Chapter 14
Statistical Tables

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