Kentucky & Red Bird Partnership: A Litany

A Litany of Partnership and Confession

LEADER:       While in the upper room, Jesus prayed 
                       for his disciples saying, “Holy Father, 
                       protect them by the power of your 
                       name - the name you gave me - so 
                       that theymay be one as we are one.”

PEOPLE:       Yes, God, make us one, even as you 
                       and your Son are one.

LEADER:       It was these same men that Jesus 
                      would later tell to wait in Jerusalem 
                      for the presence of the Holy Spirit 
                      and the power to be his witnesses.

PEOPLE:      Your Spirit has come, Lord, but we still 
                      wait for your prayer for unity and 
                      partnership in mission and ministry 
                      to be fully answered.  And in our 
                      waiting, we too hear your call.

LEADER:      A call to go, not only to the Judea’s and 
                      Samaria’s and the ends of the earth 
                      that at times seem so distant, but to 
                      people with whom we share a common 
                      identity as citizens of the 
                      Commonwealth of Kentucky, and more 
                      importantly, as citizens of your 
                      present and coming reign.

PEOPLE:    Give us eyes that we may see, ears that 
                    we may hear, and hearts that feel the 
                    needs of our sisters and brothers both 
                    near and far away.

LEADER:    So we of the Kentucky and Red Bird 
                    Conferences pray for each other as 
                    we claim our common call to be Jesus’ 
                    witnesses and the power that is made 
                    perfect in our weakness.

PEOPLE:     Hear our prayer, O Lord.

LEADER:     And as Jesus said that he came not to 
                     be served but to serve, so we offer 
                     ourselves in service to each other 
                     and to those whose lives we in our 
                     partnership might touch.

PEOPLE:     Accept our offer of service, O Lord, as 
                     you in Christ Jesus have served us.

LEADER:    “For God so loved the world that he gave 
                     his one and only Son, that whoever 
                     believes in him shall not perish but 
                     have eternal life.” Remember the 
                     words of our Lord when he said, 
                     “I came so they can have real and 
                     eternal life, more and better life than 
                     they ever dreamed of.” (The Message)

PEOPLE:     God, in our partnership, help us to love 
                     each other so that our gifts may move 
                     us one step further toward the 
                     realization of the life for which 
                     we all dream. 

LEADER:     And when we fall, O Lord,

PEOPLE:     As we all do at times,

LEADER:     by your grace, lift us up, 

PEOPLE:     and restore to us the joy of your 

ALL:             and a vision of peace with which we 
                     can proclaim to the world, “Surely 
                     the presence of the Lord is in this
                     place.” Thanks be to God.

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