Happy New Year From Belize!

January 08, 2018
The following is a new year's greeting and ministry update from Jamie and Lisa Williams,  GBGM missionaries from the Kentucky Annual Conference.

Lisa and I want to say a great big thank you for all of the support the Kentucky Annual Conference has given to our ministry and to the projects in Belize.  The Belmopan Methodist project has been a success and it was such an honor for Lisa and I to be a part of the first graduating class ceremonies of the high school.  The Kentucky Annual Conference was recognized for it’s contributions of work teams and financial resources.  There was much pride with the graduating students of 2017. 
Our new project received a wonderful boost by the money received from the Kentucky Annual Conference’s Mission night offering.  The portion from that evening designated for Belize will go for the construction of a camp.  The Methodist Church of Belize dreamed for years in having a campground for our children, youth, adults, and work teams.  A generous couple recently donated a tract of land outside of Belize City.  All the ministry teams of the Methodist Church in Belize are so excited.  Every year there is a camp ministry for children and youth.  A school will be designated as the location and all the kids come from all over Belize for a weeklong camp.  To have one central place with the accommodations will be wonderful!
I continue to serve as Superintendent, pastor two churches, chaplain of two schools, serve two fellowships, serve on multiple committees and serve on the board of governors of the Corozal Community College. 
Lisa continues to coordinate teams and does fundraising for the projects.  She is also working with our youth and children of the Corozal Circuit and sings in the Corozal Methodist Choir.
 Our newest endeavors will be to start a new worship service on Saturdays reaching a region of the Corozal Community.  The church has a building for our youth activities and the new service will be held in this church building.  Our goal is to reach older youth and young adults. 
We are also beginning a new emphasis with our youth group in reaching middle school age kids.   The Corozal Methodist youth group sponsored a movie night for the standard 5 and 6 kids of the primary school, (middle school age).  We were expecting ten or so kids.  Fifty showed up! 
We are excited about these new avenues of ministry and ask for prayer. 
The Methodist Church Belize/Honduras District will be having their Annual Conference in two weeks.  We will be meeting in Belize City at the Wesley Circuit.  Pray for our Bishop, Superintendents, clergy and delegates as we make important decisions for the year. 
Please pray for Lisa and I as we continue to enjoy ministry through the General Board of Global Ministries.  We also ask you pray for Lisa.  She will be having surgery January 16th.  She is currently in the states and is looking forward to getting back to Belize!
Peace and Blessings!  Thank you to Bishop Leonard Fairley and the Kentucky Annual Conference!!