Weekly Devotional 6

February 19, 2019

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, will guide your hearts and minds to Christ Jesus.” - Philippians 4:7

When Jesus was born, He became the source of all peace. In high school, life becomes a whirlwind. From all seven classes, to clubs, to my part-time job after school, I barely have time to sit and think. I spend my time studying, working or practicing my sport. I never have a free

The worst part of all the chaos is the mornings. I absolutely hate getting up. I am always rushed for school, and I never have a minute to myself after I get out of bed. Before I start my day, I always try to have a few minutes with God. The calm before the morning chaos helps me to start my day on a peaceful note. In those few minutes, the world becomes silent. I can sit and think in peace without any concern of what the world has coming.

When Jesus was born, chaos was everywhere. The world was falling apart and needed a Savior. The king had sent soldiers to search for this new king, fearing He would overthrow the throne. The chaos surrounding Bethlehem came to a halt when the King of all Kings was born.

Jesus is the peace that guides the world; He is all we need amid the chaos. He calmed the storm, and He will calm our storms, too. No matter how crazy the world may get, Jesus is the peace we can always find.

Dear Heavenly Father: As we start each day, let us be reminded of the peace you bring into our lives. Amid all the chaos, you calm our storms and bring us to a steady point. Without you, our lives would be consumed by earthly matters. As we live our lives, let us seek you, especially among the chaotic ways of the world. In your heavenly name we pray, Amen.

By Maggie Gillam, Petrie Memorial UMC Youth, Pennyrile District