Advent Devotional - December 3

December 03, 2019



When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise --  in God I trust and am not afraid. -- Psalms 56:3-4a

Two women stand there; their world has changed.  They each have lost a loved one. “What now?”

A year later they meet, and though their circumstances were and are very similar, they saw the difference in their current outlook. How can these two women have so much in common and yet be so far apart?

Over the past year one of the women placed her hope and trust in God.  She didn’t understand why what happened had happened; what she did know was God’s love and how He gave His son to be sacrificed for our sins.  She rested in the hope that is given through Jesus Christ --  the hope of the certainty that Jesus Christ died for us.  That He came to Earth as a baby to grow and show us what we can be and can do. 
Knowing this did not take away the pain of her loss, but it did give her the certainty that she was not alone on this new path. That she was loved and cared for every day.

She began sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with her friend: the hope, the certainty, that He gives us during good times as well as difficult times. A peace and a strength we do not have otherwise.  

This Advent season, share hope with those who feel hopeless.

Tammy Burba
College Heights UMC
Heartland District