Advent Devotional - December 10

December 10, 2019



Scripture passage: John 4:4-42

I believe scripture should speak to us today, particularly the New Testament.  In John 4, Jesus has to go through Samaria and meets the Samaritan woman. 
What if Jesus were traveling through our town and stopped to rest?  What if he came upon a woman whose reputation was “spotty”?  What if she were of another religion or had no religion at all?  What if she were of another race, spoke another language and had skin of another color?  
Let’s imagine she is selling water.  Jesus has no money.  Would Jesus speak to this woman, asking for water?  Would she laugh?  Would Jesus offer her living water?  She would ask, “Where would you get this living water?”  What if this woman were us?
Jesus would respond, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks from the water that I will give will never be thirsty again.”  Jesus would say, “Go get your husband.”  She would say, “I don’t have a husband.”  Jesus would answer, “You’ve had five husbands, and the man you are with now isn’t your husband.  You’ve spoken the truth.” 
Would she understand like the Samaritan did?  Would she go into our town and tell all the people she met, “Come and see a man who has told everything I have done!  Could this man be the Christ?”  Or would he tell us of our sins?  
What if we met this modern-day woman: Would we offer her living water and take her to our church? 

Sydney Lawson
Shelbyville Centenary UMC
Bluegrass District