2020 Cabinet Appointments

April 01, 2020
By Bishop Leonard Fairley

Joshua told the Israelites on the banks of the Jordan to keep their eye on God’s ark because “we have not passed this way before.” Kentucky Conference, we have not been here before either, as families, churches and communities. But we know that the One who led us out of the wilderness leads us still. We keep our eyes on the One who called us to make disciples in His name, reminding ourselves that Jesus Christ is with us always. The appointments announced here are in response to that leading in this time in our life together.
Eric Bryant will be appointed to a local church and will facilitate the New Church Development transition.
The NCD Director and Operational Team have led this ministry over the past three years toward being a generative network in our Annual Conference providing vision, training and resources for churches and leaders to create new spaces for new faces. We believe that we have generative NCD teams in the Annual Conference, such that the opportunity exists to multiply and extend the work of developing new churches by not having a paid director, dedicated only to NCD. In the coming weeks we will be pivoting our NCD Operational Team and District NCD and Operational Teams to imagine and focus on opportunities to create new spaces for new faces through Dinner Church, multi-site startups and ethnic startups.
William Moore will be appointed to a local church and will also serve as the part-time Director for Connectional Ministries in the Conference.
Over the last several years, Connectional Ministries has focused our Conference on leadership that is team-based, connectional in nature, and missionally focused. High-functioning teams that address both adaptive and technical issues allow us to be less dependent on individuals and more dependent on the collective knowledge, skill, and work oftheir members. We are discovering that ministry is best done through networks of connections that bring together partners desiring a common goal rather than a top-down approach. It is the work of the KAC over the past decade that has allowed us to hone our mission to help local churches make passionate spiritual disciples and the conference to develop passionate spiritual leaders. William’s transition will cause us to lean more fully into team leadership that works through networks of connections and is missionally focused.
Jay Smith will be appointed as the Superintendent of the Owensboro District; Dan Huck will be appointed to a local church. The Bluegrass District, where Superintendent Mark Gibbons is retiring, will be served by the Heartland, Northern Kentucky, South Central and Lexington District’s current District Superintendents for the 2020-2021 Conference year, as an interim measure that is geographically viable in this financially uncertain time.
Our Conference Committee on Finance and Administration (CFA) has been monitoring long-term trends in church attendance, local church giving, and local church participation in Our Mission Covenant to ensure that our trends in giving and our Conference ministries are sustainable. The COVID-19 disruption to all our churches and thus the Conference has accelerated that work, but we knew that changes in how we do ministry to become nimbler and more locally focused would be needed. These appointments are intended to allow CFA to make fixed costs leaner while keeping as much funding as possible ‘’in the ministry field.’’ We would not be good stewards of our resources of both people and money if we did not respond quickly to our situation, knowing that we will continue to monitor and adjust over the coming months.