Appointive Process Moves Forward

April 04, 2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
It goes without saying that our work and lives have been turned upside down. As it has been said over and over again, we have moved, and will continue to move, into a “new normal.” This makes it all the more important that we deploy our leaders into places where they have the best opportunity to do the greatest good for the kingdom of God in these times of great need. Therefore, the Cabinet and I are prayerfully moving forward with the appointive process. 
Please be assured that we would never have our pastors move in the middle of this pandemic or while “social distancing” is called for, even if that means pushing the moving date out as far as August or beyond. However, the appointive process must continue in this season, even as pre-emptive preparation. In spite of what happens, our churches will need leadership to guide them forward. It is who we are as itinerant pastors; it’s in our DNA. It is what your pastor signed up for when he or she was called by God and ordained or licensed for ministry. We go where the need is despite what might be happening in our world.
There will be great need to have the right pastor in the right church after this pandemic has passed.  Please know that the Cabinet and I have, as always, used prayerful spiritual discernment, and had many sleepless nights, in attempting to be faithful in our work, our calling. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to discern with grace and spiritual insight in these difficult days.
In Christ,

Bishop Fairley