A Collective Prayer for Louisville

June 28, 2020

Another death at the hands of senseless violence. “How long Oh Lord.” “Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.” Please join me during your worship hour in a collective prayer.
Show me where love, peace, and justice are needed. Show me where faith is needed, and use me to bring them to those places. -Adapted Richard Foster
Giver of Life,
We wait with you to bear
Your hope to earth’s darkest places:
We wait at the places where darkness is
Deeper than the deepest pain:
Where love is denied;
Let love break through.
Where justice is destroyed:
Let righteousness rule.
Where hope is crucified:
Let faith persist.
Where peace is no more:
Let passion live on.
Where truth is denied:
Let the struggle continue.
Where laughter has dried up:
Let music play on.
Where fear paralyzes
Let forgiveness break through.
-Robin Green



Bishop Leonard E. Fairley