The Kingdom Assignment: Northern Kentucky churches jump in!

October 11, 2021
By Alan Wild
A few months ago, New Church Development invited our New Faith Communities to accept $1,000 in feed money and use it to bless others in an exercise known as The Kingdom Assignment. We suggested that they study the Parable of the Talents, then use that lesson to see where the Holy Spirit led them.
We also invited other churches around the Kentucky Annual Conference to participate. This week we heard from Rev. David Harting of Alexandria UMC in the Northern Kentucky District. He also chairs that district’s NCD Team, and he shared in an email what is happening up there:
After hearing about the Kingdom Assignment from NCD and seeing several faith communities that participated and the impact that they made in lives in their community, I spoke with our District Superintendent, Shannon Boaz, about trying this in the NKY district for all the congregations up here. She was very interested….
We decided to make our funding a matching amount up to $500 from the district for each congregation that wanted to participate. We felt this would create buy-in.
We asked pastors to preach on the talents during September and asked their volunteers to seek God's vision for their $100 over the course of the next three months. This would give them through the holidays to multiply their gift. 
We will be checking in during January to get follow-up and stories to share with the district.
We had 7 congregations step up to say that they wanted to be part of this assignment to impact the Kingdom.
We are very happy to hear what the Northern Kentucky District is doing with The Kingdom Assignment – and we look forward to hearing the churches’ stories in January!
We’ve already heard from The Source in Lexington and All Nations in Nicholasville about their Kingdom Assignment work. Anyone can do The Kingdom Assignment anytime; here is our earlier story with all the details from when we invited others across the Conference to undertake the challenge.