December 30, 2021

December 30, 2021, KAC COVID Re-entry Team Communication

Dear Kentucky United Methodist Clergy and Laity,

The KAC Covid Re-entry Team once again expresses our deep concern to you and your congregations related to the unrelenting COVID PANDEMIC; especially, as it relates to the Omicron Variant and its contagious spread.  

Kentucky is seeing a significant surge of Covid cases. The positivity rate is now in double digits at 14.46%. Over 5,000 new cases were reported on December 29, 2021.  

As we have been reminded often by Bishop Fairley, “The people of God have a moral obligation to witness to the sacredness of life.” During this pandemic, we do this by minimizing the spread of Covid among the most vulnerable – our children not yet eligible to be vaccinated, the immunocompromised, and our aging population. 

Once again, with a sense of urgency and concern, we are asking each of you personally, and as a faith community, to pay very close attention to the current threat presented by Covid and the surge of the Omicron variant. There are specific things you can do to help.

  1. We ask that all congregations across the Kentucky Conference request that INDIVIDUALS SHOULD WEAR A MASK in ALL INDOOR SETTINGS. This includes vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.  
  2. Please secure social/physical distancing in all settings for all ages.  
  3. Masks at crowded outdoor gatherings.
  4. Promote full vaccination among members and within the community.

Stay vigilant and promote best health practices for individuals, including remaining at home in the event of any kind of illness. Clergy, staff and congregants should stay home if ANY symptoms of illness are present, even if they seem mild.  

Closely follow state and federal guidelines and executive orders published to assist with this public health crisis.  

Kentucky Covid Dashboard Information Links

Covid-19 Layers of Protection

Covid Vaccine. 

The KAC Covid Re-entry team further recommends that everyone, in consultation with their health care provider, pursue vaccination for individual, family, and community health and safety. Information and locations for vaccines can be found here Team Kentucky Covid 19 

 COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting you from getting serious disease.   


  • Churches should follow all state and local mandates related to wearing masks to mitigate the spread of the Covid variant.  
  • At a minimum, the Kentucky Department of Education guidelines should be instituted. All individuals vaccinated and unvaccinated should wear a mask at all in-person congregational events. Please review the following as a guide.
  • Guidance for K-12 School Operations for In-Person Learning August 10, 2021

Covid Testing 

  • Get tested if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Places to get tested in Kentucky. COVID-19 testing
  • Follow guidelines related to Covid exposure. CDC recommends that anyone with any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 get tested, regardless of vaccination status or prior infection. If you get tested because you have symptoms or were potentially exposed to the virus, you should stay away from others pending test results and follow the advice of your healthcare provider or a public health professional.
  • Comply with the full isolation and quarantine requirements – even if symptom-free.

Kentucky Covid Website

This website is Kentucky's central resource for all COVID-19 information and guidance. The COVID-19 Hotline – (800) 722-5725 – is a service operated by the health care professionals at the KY Poison Control Center who can provide advice and answer questions.

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