The Kingdom Assignment: 10 N. Kentucky churches accept NCD challenge

March 16, 2022
In 2021, as churches were starting to reengage despite the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, the Kentucky Annual Conference’s New Church Development Team invited its New Faith Communities to bless others in an exercise known as The Kingdom Assignment, based on the book of the same title. (The Source in Lexington and All Nations in Nicholasville shared their Kingdom Assignment work earlier; follow the links to see what they did.)

Members of the Northern Kentucky NCD Team loved the idea so much, they decided to offer churches in that district $500 each in seed money if each congregation would pledge another $500. Together, the $1,000 could be used by members in any way the Holy Spirit led them, based on the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25.

Rev. Shannon Boaz, the District Superintendent, loved the idea, and so did the District Operational Team. In a true glory sighting, 10 congregations ended up accepting the challenge and reported back to the district in January and February. The churches are:

Alexandria, Carter’s Chapel, Carthage, Falmouth, Flemingsburg, Oddville, Pine Grove, Scott, Seddon, and Washington/Central.
Rev. David Harting, of Alexandria and the District NCD Chair, picks up the story:

There are so many opportunities right before our eyes that we often just overlook, but when each of these volunteers made a concerted effort to seek God’s direction, He placed them in situations and in people’s paths that they could minister to and reach out by showing the love of God in many different ways:
  • Supplies for resource centers at a school
  • Helping people with utilities and rent
  • Scholarships for Conference events
  • Supplies for flood buckets
  • Leaving God gifts on doorsteps
  • Helping folks pay for groceries
  • Food baskets for Christmas
  • Tornado relief
  • Gas cards
  • Ronald McDonald House wish list items
  • Graduation supply help to a student
  • Assistance to a single mom
  • Purchase of a refrigerator
  • Funeral expenses
  • Toys for a toy drive
  • United Methodist Children’s Homes
  • Mission team
  • Meal for a local volunteer fire department
  • Cards for a card ministry
  • Blessing a waitress with a large tip
  • Meal for a women’s shelter
  • Assistance to allow a student-athlete to compete
Incidentally, anyone can do The Kingdom Assignment anytime; here is our earlier story with all the details. Maybe your congregation would want to give it a try!
- Alan Wild, NCD Ministry Assistant