Farm Field Cleanup

March 18, 2022

Spring and the planting season are quickly approaching. There are still many farm fields that have debris from either the Dec. 11 or Jan. 1 tornadoes that will impede crop planting. Several of the counties that we have been most active in have communicated the importance of assisting these farmers.

Given the need, we are looking at what may be the first of a couple of Farm Field Cleanup days. The first will be March 26 starting 9:30 a.m. local times in as many areas that we have volunteers for. To make this happen, we need assistance in gathering information of the needs, identifying assembly areas for the volunteers, and local guides to take the volunteers to the farms and introduce them to the farm owners. This must start with our local churches.

Where there are active Long-Term Recovery Groups (LTRGs), they are gathering the job locations and scope. Where there are no LTRGs, we need local eyes and ears to identify the needs and let us know what and where they are. You know, or know of, farmers who need help or can contact the local extension office. You can also scout out what is needed to get the debris cleared. If it is something that can be done by lots of willing hands.

We hope that local churches could be the assembly areas and provide guides for teams from outside the county.

Just to emphasize, this is not just for the declared disaster areas but for any area that has storm damage from the storms. 

If your church has a team (or more than one) that would be interested in participating, please use the online form to register. You will be put in contact with a local volunteer coordinator to confirm the details of the job and answer any additional questions. The form is located here:

This is an opportunity for youth groups as well as adults to be involved. I would recommend middle-school or older with hard-toed shoes, gloves, and other appropriate clothing and protective equipment.

If you are aware of farmers needing help who are not in a declared county or have not put in a request to a local LTRG, speak to them, and if they would like us to try to find help for them, fill out the form located below.

Going into this, we should be aware that we will not be able to meet every need. The farmer in Madison County who had 200-plus trees to fall in his fields may be beyond what we can do, but then again, there may be a group out there that is capable and willing. In any event, we can make a difference. There may be need and opportunity for additional field cleanup days before the planting season is completed. It is also an opportunity for a “tune-up” for more and different ways to assist in the recovery efforts.

Pray about it, talk with your friends and neighbors, and decide how you may be part of this effort.