Special called Annual Conference session

July 01, 2022

Greetings United Methodists across Kentucky,
The joy in my heart is still overflowing from my experience with you at Annual Conference in Owensboro. We sang together. We prayed as one. We worked together in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Above all, our time together went well because we allowed the presence of God’s spirit to be with us and we extended to one another grace. I continue to live in that same spirit, and I know you are doing so as well.
As part of our work together, I announced during the opening plenary session my intent to call a special annual conference session in late 2022 to address any requests for disaffiliation. Today, I call a Special Session of the Kentucky Annual Conference for the sole purpose of completing the process of disaffiliation of churches who have met the requirements outlined in paragraph 2553 in The Book of Discipline. The Special Session of the Kentucky Annual Conference will be held online Sunday, December 4 at 3:00 pm EST/ 2 pm CST. 
I confess my heart aches and grieves for where we find ourselves. Our beloved church holds a diversity of opinions, and I understand that some sisters and brothers feel they must leave our Connection for the sake of their conscience concerning issues of human sexuality. As a believer facing hard realities, I draw strength from the Holy Spirit’s gift of hope for us.
I hope you will join me in praying that the same spirit and grace abundant at June’s Annual Conference will continue to inspire our clergy and churches shared Conference mission and work.
In Christ,

Bishop Leonard Fairley